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Unpopular opinion: I hate all of the Sims games

Sims is a game which has been around ever since I was a little kid, and let me be honest with you all: I have never liked playing it. Across all iterations, across all styles, those computer people have always given me the heebie-jeebies. There are a couple of reasons why this title skeezes me out: let me break them down for you.

Sims games
Courtesy of Electronic Arts

First off, the whole premise is weird. Like, why would I ever want to live the life of some random fool on a video game? I can barely even manage my everyday life. I am in no position to take care of someone else’s. So many of my friends over the years, especially when we were younger, have obsessed over this game, but I just do not get it, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever will.

I get even more uncomfortable with the fact that you can literally have your character fall in love with someone and have a kid. Who in their right mind would want to take care of a video game kid? I don’t even want to take care of a real-life kid. To make matters worse, going through the whole thing of making the other person fall in love with your character is really cringy, especially with the weird noises they make instead of actually saying words. 

Don’t even get me started on actually “getting down to business.” Seeing video characters go off to have some alone time is just straight-up weird. This is supposed to be a game for little kids, right? Why are there so many adult themes in this animated world?

To make matters worse, your character can actually die in the game! There are numerous ways your character can perish, whether it be from starvation, fire or even being eaten by a cow plant, the whole thing is just insane. I don’t even want to know what can happen to your character’s child if you don’t take care of him or her.

To be fair, I have not played any of the games in this series in a long, long time. But the couple of times I did play this game throughout my life, they always just left me with a weird feeling. Am I the only one who feels this way? I can’t be, right? I really hope I am not just some cranky adult who just doesn’t understand the way kids game anymore. If you enjoy these games, good for you! I am not judging, but I will simply never feel the same way.

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