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Twitch Rivals Announces VALORANT Series 1

Valorant has been a big part of Twitch since the release of its closed beta back in April. Professional players alongside content creators have been providing action-packed and fun streams for their viewers. The game is promising lots of competition for 2021; on the other hand, organizers search for new ways for creators and viewers to get involved with the environment. That being said, Twitch announced its Valorant Series 1 within Twitch Rivals. 

Twitch Rivals Valorant 1
Photo courtesy of Twitch

The event has been announced on Twitch Rivals’ Twitter account. Forty creators will compete with each other in teams of five players to obtain the crown. Starting on Feb. 24, Valorant Series 1 will consist of three separate dates with a group stage, quarterfinals and finals. While the group stage is going to begin on Feb. 24, the finals will be held on March 10.

Even though the event was revealed, no further details have been shared. It’s likely that the participating creators will be unveiled soon since there are only 10 days left until the beginning of the tournament. 

This is going to be the second Valorant event of Twitch Rivals. Back in June, Twitch hosted the Valorant Launch Showdown for six different regions and with seven events in total. Most players which are competing in Valorant as pro participated in that event in North America, and the Launch Showdown peaked at 121,000 concurrent viewers. 

Twitch Rivals’ Valorant Series 1 will contain less pro players than the Launch Showdown since professional players of the scene are practicing for the Valorant Champions Tour nowadays.

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