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Twisted Metal TV Series Being Brought to Life by ‘Deadpool’ Writers

Twisted Metal
Courtesy of Sony

Weeks after announcing a Last of Us TV series was in development, Sony another game-to-TV project is in the works and it’s one helluva blast from the past.

Fasten your seatbelts because a live-action series adaptation of Twisted Metal is officially moving forward. 

Since confirming in May 2019 there would be a Twisted Metal TV show, Sony has been quiet on all fronts, much to the dismay of fans. But now, it’s finally happening. And who better to lead the show’s action comedy nature than the brilliantly crazed minds behind Deadpool and Zombieland, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Deadpool gif
Courtesy of Marvel

“’Twisted Metal’ is one of the most beloved franchises from PlayStation,” said Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions, in an interview with Variety, “We are thrilled to have such a great team working on bringing this iconic game to life for the fans.”

The Twisted Metal franchise is a vehicular-combat, demolition style series of games. The gameplay centers around bassackwards characters from the underworld, overworld, and outerworld destroy each other with cars armed with flamethrowers, rockets, bombs and plenty of other weapons at the root of all pavement devastation. Like standard fighting games, players earn special moves for blowing other oddballs up into oblivion. The game sets a whole new standard for “rules of the road.”

The TV series will focus on a silver-tongued outlander presented with an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. However, the move to greener pastures comes with a catch. To reach his ultimate goal, the protagonist must navigate the post-apocalyptic wasteland to safely deliver a parcel with contents unknown. The journey is a trek across lands devastated by wickedness and a lack of moral fiber, pitting him against odds dwindling by the day. Along the way, the outlander teams up with a car thief with the ideals of a mercenary which gives him the shorter fuse among the two. 

There have been rumblings of a certain clown who could make an appearance and be voiced by executive producer Will Arnett. But let’s call that “just conjecture” at this point. 

Sweet Tooth
Courtesy of Microsoft

Outside of the official greenlight, casting and release date are yet to be determined. But after years of back and forth, will they or won’t they, fans can rejoice with the knowledge that the deranged world of Twisted Metal is on the chaotic horizon.

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