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The Top Five Tips & Tricks for Battling Post-Game Depression

 Reaching the end of an amazing game can be a really exhilarating feeling (you’ve conquered something that took some serious time and effort,) but it can also be quite a sad feeling, because something you invested quality time in has ended. This post-game depression is a phenomenon experienced by many gamers, and it can be quite exhausting to continually reach the end of a game, sink into this depression, and have to pull yourself back out only to fall back in after the next game. To ease the burden of this post-game depression, and make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable, read along for the top five tips and tricks to battle post-game depression and enjoy the entire experience of gaming.

The Top Five Tips & Tricks for Battling Post-Game Depression
The Top Five Tips & Tricks for Battling Post-Game Depression 4

Coming in at number five is the relatively simple tip of starting a new game pretty much immediately after finishing a game so that you don’t have time to sink into the feelings of post-game depression. There are two routes you can go with this new game: either you pick a game similar to the one you have just finished to continue with the same sort of gameplay, or you pick something completely different to focus your mind on something new. Whichever option you choose, starting a new game is a surefire way to keep yourself going.

Number four continues in this vein of staying busy, but this tip is to replay the game you have just finished. The trick with replaying the game is to pick a new character and go about it in a slightly different way so that you can enjoy even more about the game. However, keep in mind that with this trick, eventually you will have to find a new game to play, because you can really only replay a game so many times. 

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For tip number three, sometimes stepping away entirely is the way to go. If you have just reached the end of your favorite game and no other game seems like it will keep you interested, step away from gaming for a day or two and revisit some of your other hobbies or just get outside for some fresh air. Sometimes, all you need is a distraction that has nothing to do with gaming. 

Tip number two is, if you cannot let go of the game you have just finished, fully immerse yourself in any and all backstory that you can find about it to give yourself more to love about the game until you can find something new to play. This might seem counter-intuitive because it just gives you more to miss, but it can be a good way to prolong the joy the game gave you until you can find a new source of entertainment. 

The number one tip is, whatever game you are playing, get involved in the community around the game so that you have people to talk to about it. When you and your friends have finished the game, you can all help each other find something new to play, and be there for each other while the depression rages on. Post-game depression, like any form of depression, is something that nobody should go through alone. 

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Image Courtesy of GAAM on Facebook

Overall, no matter what tips or tricks work for you when you are in the midst of post-game depression, the most important part is that you are being kind and gentle with yourself and not judging yourself for feeling sad after finishing an amazing game. This type of depression can be just as serious as any other depression, and you should always take it seriously and work through it, as opposed to just hoping it goes away. No matter what game you are currently playing or finishing up, I hope there is something that works for you in these top five tips. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments so that other readers can learn them as well!

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