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Treyarch gives Zombies mode The Shaft yet again

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (BOCW) has had a rocky life cycle thus far, with numerous complaints about the lack of Zombies content being posted on the BOCW subreddit and on social media. It’s admirable that Treyarch is addressing the ever-growing list of complaints, but just barely.

Instead of getting the wholescale changes players wanted from BOCW, players have instead been given barely any content to play with which, in all honesty, is a travesty.

Treyarch gives Zombies mode The Shaft yet again 2

From being a last-minute-change to almost a full-fledged game itself, Call of Duty Zombies is arguably one of the best additions in the franchise’s history. There’s just something about being able to play and kill hordes of Nazi Zombies with woeful abandon that just gets me – and the millions of players throughout the years – pumped whenever a new Treyarch-developed Call of Duty title is announced. 

However, BOCW’s Zombies mode hasn’t gotten me as excited as previous iterations. It’s very disappointing to see the lack of content coming out for the mode. From a personal standpoint, BOCW isn’t the most difficult Zombies experience I’ve played in the Call of Duty franchise — World at War’s Zombies takes the cake. 

Even then, I was expecting at least a fun experience. Instead, I got a game mode that’s very dry and feels extremely barebones more than anything, especially as an Xbox gamer. PlayStation players get access to Onslaught mode, wherein two players must follow an orb on various maps to stay alive. 

Now that may not seem like much, but considering Zombies mode on Xbox features only one map, two playable modes – Endless and a 20-round game – and Dead Ops Arcade, anything helps. Additionally, fans were excited to hear two new modes were supposed to join the aforementioned modes during the holiday season: “Cranked” and “Jingle Hells.”

However, the former was delayed and pushed to release during the mid-season update for Season One while the latter was incredibly underwhelming. The lack of attention being paid to Zombies mode is evident, as numerous posts have been made magnifying the numerous bugs and glitches still plaguing Die Maschine. 

By all accounts, “Cranked” won’t be enough to hold players over in the long term as the Easter Egg isn’t even available for players and the premise of the mode makes for an experience that will get old quickly. Overall, Zombies fans are not happy with the lack of content and have been voicing their concerns on social media.

In an effort to quiet Zombie player’s talks on social media, Treyarch recently teased a new map, purportedly set in Vietnam as numerous hints strewn throughout the game indicate the map is in Khe Sanh.

The map – titled “Firebase Z” – is set to release on Feb. 4th for free, a few weeks before the start of Season Two for free. 

All that being said, I understand Treyarch had to deal with incredible circumstances just to get this game released and I applaud them for their efforts. Working and just living during a pandemic is extraordinarily difficult but their ability to release a game at all this year is worth applauding — even if the game should have been delayed. 

At the same time, as a fan of the series, I am disappointed by the lack of content in BOCW Zombies. I really wanted BOCW to succeed, but taking everything into account, I had to temper my expectations. Even with lowered expectations, Zombies still failed to live up to those expectations. 

I hope the new map will bring some enjoyment back into Zombies. Playing the same map over and over again with such little variety really makes the mode lose all its luster extremely quickly. 

Although Treyarch is trying to salvage Zombies – and BOCW as a whole – the point is clear: Treyarch really shafted the Zombies mode this year. 

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