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Travis Scott Unboxed a PS5 and it’s as Extra as you’d imagine

Travis Scott has been killing it lately. From hosting a Fortnite concert to spawning a McDonalds meal, he has been doing it all. It is not surprising that his recent unboxing of a PS5 went viral as well. As most gamers know, the highly anticipated PS5 finally released to the public, and everyone has been dying to get their hands on it. Once he got the console, Travis Scott made an insane 10 minute video celebrating the console.

The video shows scenes of him playing a giant TV in the middle of a desert, gifting two kids a free console, and even introducing a piano performance by artist James Bake. There is also a very nice tribute to rapper Pop Smoke, who sadly died back in February.

There is also some gameplay from Spider-Man: Miles MoralesRatchet & Clank: Rift ApartAstro’s PlayroomHorizon Forbidden West, and more! This was not a normal unboxing video; in fact, in this full 10-minute video, there was not even a single unboxing.

Travis Scott
Courtesy of

As always, Travis is doing things his own way and blazing a trail for gamers everywhere. From the start, he has been changing the way we view pop culture and gaming and he continues to do so here. If you have not checked out the video I would highly recommend doing so, as it does not disappoint.

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