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Toronto Ultra Surpasses London Royal Ravens, Advances To Elimination Round 2

Toronto Ultra had a massive start to the 2021 season with a win over Florida Mutineers, but the Canadian representatives lost all four of the other games. The team competed against CDL’s only winless team, the London Royal Ravens, in the first round of CDL Major Tournament. Toronto surpassed its opponent after five competitive maps.

Ultra over London Round 1 1
Photo courtesy of London Royal Ravens

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The Toronto Ultra started the series on Cleanx’s shoulders. Cleanx had clutch plays in the first map and led his team to the victory. The London Royal Ravens severely underperformed so the Toronto Ultra was the undisputed winner of the series’ first map from the very beginning. Cleanx secured 34 kills with a 6,820 total score, which was almost equal to the Ravens’ whole team points.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

We witnessed a whole new London Royal Ravens team in the second game. The British representatives led the game from the beginning until the end and won 6-3. The first game was like warmup for Zed and he kept pace with his teammates which eventually tied the series. Toronto Ultra couldn’t improve its weaknesses in SnD that they showed during the first two weeks. 

Game 3 – Control

The Control map was totally one-sided. The Ravens’ poor performance resulted in a nine-minute game. Parasite and Seany didn’t have their best games. On the Ultra side, Bance and Methodz stepped up and secured 47 kills combined. Methodz put up some LeBron numbers with a 7,755 score in nine minutes. Cleanx’s 1,366 damage per round was also an important factor in Ultra’s win. 

Game 4 – Hardpoint

This time, the London Royal Ravens were the ones behind the steering wheel. The British team led the second Hardpoint map until the end and forced game five. It was actually a little weird to see this much of a difference in terms of team performance in the two Hardpoint maps. However, the Toronto Ultra did a lot better in this game than the Ravens did in the first one. Dylan almost got 30 kills, finishing with 29. 

Game 5 – Search and Destroy

The last game was a real nail-biting competition between the Toronto Ultra and London Royal Ravens. Toronto Ultra was the one with a smile after 10 rounds of SnD. Cammy stepped up for the first time in the series and led his team to the victory.

The Toronto Ultra advances to the second round and will face the Minnesota ROKKR, which should be a much harder opponent than the first one was, in another elimination match.

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