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Toronto Ultra Promotes Insight To Main Roster

Toronto Ultra didn’t have its best performance in the previous stage of the Call of Duty League. The team actually started the season with a solid win over the Florida Mutineers, but the upcoming games were regrettable as the team couldn’t win a single regular season win after that. Toronto Ultra decided to make a roster change and bench Methodz, who said he thought this was his best game since WW2. From now on, Insight is the new starter for the team.

Toronto Ultra Changes 1
Courtesy of Toronto Ultra

To be honest, Ultra’s stage one performance was not even near OK in the regular season. Despite the disastrous start, the team managed to pick up a win in the playoffs but couldn’t finish the job later in the bracket. Toronto Ultra cut the bill to Methodz prior to the second stage. 

Toronto Ultra Changes 2 1
Courtesy of Toronto Ultra

Insight joined the team as a substitute and got loaned to SLAMMED for a month. After his return, he waited for a chance on the main roster. The generous Toronto Ultra staff gave him the chance he was waiting for and promoted him to the main roster. 

CDL 2021’s second stage started a couple of days ago. Toronto Ultra put up a great fight against the Los Angeles Thieves but lost the series 3-2. Insight had the chance to show his skills and surprisingly did a great job even though it was his first match in the big league. He stepped up for his team in clutch moments and led his team in kills.

Toronto Ultra will be a dangerous team after the players build some team chemistry. Time is the name of the game here. We will see what they will do in the upcoming weeks. 

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