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Toronto Ultra Defeats Mutineers, Matches Group B Record With OpTic and FaZe

Toronto Ultra made a strong start to the 2021 season. The Canada representative almost swept the Mutineers in a nearly one-sided series. Ultra’s strong start put its record over the likes of the Mutineers and Paris Legion. On the other hand, Florida Mutineers’ Owakening showed a great performance despite the loss.

Ultra beats Mutineers 1
Photo courtesy of Florida Mutineers

Game 1

Toronto Ultra made an impressive start to the 2021 season. At first, it maintained a big lead in Hardpoint, but the Mutineers closed the gap and showed that it will be a difficult series. In the end, Toronto Ultra won the first game 250-164. Cleanx secured 36 kills in total, which was the biggest factor of Ultra’s win. On the Mutineers’ side, Slacked’s performance was pretty bad, with only 16 kills.

Game 2

The SnD game was really contentious. The first eight rounds were won by the teams equally, but after that point, Toronto Ultra sat behind the wheel and controlled the last two rounds. Methodz stepped up for his team by securing 11 kills. On the other hand, Owakening’s 13-kill performance was not enough for the Mutineers, and Slacked underperformed once again.

Game 3

The Florida Mutineers started the third game pretty strong and maintained a small lead. Owakening had a massive performance in this game. Toronto Ultra’s desire to start the season with a sweep and Mutineers’ competitive spirit combined for a spectacular game for the viewers. Game three’s Control was back and forth until the last minute. The Mutineers came out strong and won the game in order to prevent a possible sweep.

Game 4

The last game of the series was pretty close in the beginning, but Toronto Ultra was the undisputed leader of the match. The final score of the last Hardpoint was 250-177. Cleanx’s 30-kill performance was solid. On the Mutineers side, the rookie Neptune managed to secure 37 kills but failed to get much other help.

Toronto Ultra’s strong start changed the power rankings in CDL Group B. Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Chiga and the Canadian team are sitting at the top spot with one win each.

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