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Toronto Ultra Benches Methodz Unexpectedly

Call of Duty League 2021’s first stage came to an end a couple days ago. Atlanta FaZe won the first stage with a dominant performance, but there were other teams that underperformed despite the expectations. Toronto Ultra was one of them and it made a roster change during the season break. According to Methodz, he has been benched even though he thought this season was one of the best in his career.

Methodz Ultra Bench 1
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

Methodz has been on the stage for a long long time. His career started in 2012 under the roof of SoaR Gaming. He played for 23 different teams in nine years and his last stop was the Toronto Ultra. After the first stage of CDL, the team decided to bench Methodz.

Toronto Ultra made a strong start to the regular season by defeating Florida Mutineers 3-1 on the first day. The team actually looked pretty decent but failed to keep up the grind as Methodz and his teammates lost the remaining games. Ultra started from the first losers bracket because of its poor performance in the regular season and surprisingly beat the Ravens and ROKKR. However, it couldn’t make a deeper run as it got swept by the Los Angeles Thieves.

After an unsuccessful stage, Toronto Ultra made its first roster change by benching Methodz. According to Methodz, he wasn’t expecting the decision and thought this was his best game since WW2.

It is still unclear who will play instead of Methodz, but Stage 2 is about to start so Toronto Ultra has to decide quickly. We will have to wait for an official update from the Ultra.

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