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Top Five Games For Those Who Love Game of Thrones

The saga of the Game of Thrones book and television series is a well-told tale everyone is familiar with in some way, shape, or form. The final episode of the television series wrapped up in May of 2019, but the love for the Game of Thrones fandom will never end, and those who love the series are either already feeling the need for more content or they will need it soon. If you have loved Game of Thrones and you haven’t quite known what to do with yourself since the series ended, have no fear: there is a space in the video game community for you. Not only is there an actual GoT game you can play, there are also so many games to play that will remind you of Game of Thrones. It’s time to settle in, with all of your GoT merch surrounding you, and enjoy this fiery list of the top five games to play if you love Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Top Five Games For Those Who Love Game of Thrones 7

In fifth place is Kingdom Come: Deliverance from Warhorse Studios. This game gives you an easy opportunity to step into medieval life and experience a lot of the day-to-day activities that would’ve certainly would have been going on in GoT, even if we didn’t always see them. Kingdom Come: Deliverance does suffer from a case of bugs and some technical difficulties, but overall, it’s a game that gives you a way to experience a GoT-style world in all aspects. While you do have to work on your fighting skills, you also have to keep up appearances (literally, you have to keep your clothes clean) and you have a lot of world to explore as you make your way through the kingdom. It’s a game that does have its issues, but overall, it is great for any Game of Thrones fans.

Game of Thrones1 1
Image courtesy of Warhorse Studios

Coming in at number four is Dragon Age: Inquisition from BioWare. This is another awesome RPG that puts you directly into the action of living in medieval times, and this game is particularly suited to Game of Thrones fans because of, yep, you guessed it, dragons! Overall, this game is packed with excellent adventure opportunities and some really realistic visuals, but the dragons take it to the next level. If you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones and sat there thinking about how much you’d love to battle against one of those dragons, Dragon Age: Inquisition is your chance to test your dragon fighting skills. 

Game of Thrones2 1 1
Image courtesy of BioWare

In the third spot is Mordhau from Triternion. Mordhau isn’t the easiest game to start off with; the directions aren’t the simplest to understand, and you will find yourself killed by other, more experienced players quite a bit at the beginning. However, once you get the hang of it, the fighting in Mordhau is really quite well done. 

If you’ve heard anything about Mordhau, you may well have heard about the toxic community of gamers who seem to gravitate towards the game. The conversations which go on within the game chat are some of the foulest conversations on the internet, and the game has definitely driven away many wonderful players because of a select group of players who just keep piling on toxicity. It’s sad to see a game with so much potential become a place of such toxicity, but in a way, it gives you, the new player, an opportunity to battle evil in a very Game of Thrones fashion when you enter into Mordhau. You have the opportunity to not only actually fight in the gameplay, but you can fight back against toxicity by playing the game for its own sake, combating the toxic nature of a portion of the fan base. Yes, it’ll be difficult, and no one really wants to face that kind of toxicity, but sometimes that’s the only way to stop it in its tracks, creating a space which is inclusive instead of vicious and horrible. 

Yes, Mordhau is a game designed around battling each other for glory, but the game doesn’t have to be a real battleground. Fixing the culture of Mordhau will be an absolute Game of Thrones-worthy fight, but with the efforts of gamers there for the fun of the game and who will not tolerate toxicity in gaming, Mordhau has a chance to be not just a well-made game, but also a game where you actually want to center yourself.

Game of Thrones3 1
Image courtesy of Triternion

In second place is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CD Projekt. The Witcher games have been hailed as some of the best games ever, and it has been said that there might not ever be another game quite like The Witcher 3. I have a friend who has been putting off actually finishing the game, because as much as he loves it, he doesn’t want to see it come to an end. The Witcher 3 has everything you could ever want in a game: stunning graphics, amazing adventures, and a very compelling storyline that makes you want to keep moving forward. The Witcher 3 will both remind you of Game of Thrones and hook you in as a fan of The Witcher forever. 

Game of Thrones4 1 1
Image courtesy of CD Projekt

And coming in at number one is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim is one of those awesome games that can draw anyone in and make them a gamer. It’s actually one of the games that converted my formerly non-gamer sister into a video game lover: she started on Skyrim and never looked back. Skyrim plops you straight into a troublesome medieval setting and gives you plenty of room in an open world to discover the game and find your bearings in the world of magic and mischief. One of the things which makes Skyrim particularly amazing is that it is equally fun for seasoned players and novices because it is as easy to learn as it is fascinating. It’s perfect for Game of Thrones fans (with some really exceptional dragons) and really, it’s perfect for anyone looking for a great game. 

Game of Thrones5 1
Image courtesy of Bethesda Game Studios

All of these games give their player a way to step into the type of world that we have loved with Game of Thrones. From small town medieval adventures to all-out war on dragons, there’s something on this list for anyone who has ever wanted to put on some armor and engage in an epic battle. 

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