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Top Five Best Games For Snow Fanatics

We all have our favorite seasons and seasonal activities, and if you’re one of those people who just loves the snow, this article is the place for you. Whether you love skiing, snowboarding, sledding, going on daring snowbound hikes, or just hanging out at home watching the snowfall while you sit with a warm cup of tea, there are plenty of reasons to crave winter. If you’re a snow lover and you’re either in a place that doesn’t currently have snow or you just want more of it, then this list of the top five games for snow fanatics is exactly what you need. It’s time to strap onto your snowboard or curl up with a blanket to watch the snow float down as you enjoy this list of some of the snowiest games out there.

Top Five Best Games For Snow Fanatics
Top Five Best Games For Snow Fanatics 7

5. A Snowy Warzone

If you want your snow mixed in with some quality action, the 2018 edition of God of War from Santa Monica Studio is the game for you. With intense action, bloody fights, Norse mythology, and a beautifully-designed snowy world, this addition to the God of War series is a surefire winner. Praised for its stunning design, this game gives you an up-close look at Norse mythology, some really magnificent gameplay, and some incredible visuals. Whether you’ve played the other God of War games and want more or you’re just looking for something to give you a snowy adventure, this game will be a great choice.

God of War
Courtesy of Santa Monica Studio

4. Lost In Snow

If you just want to get fully immersed in a snowy world, the Lost Planet series of games will suit you perfectly. The Lost Planet games from Capcom and Spark Unlimited are third-person-shooter games full of adventure, terrifying monsters, and a wonderfully snowy setting. They take place on a planet which is in the middle of an ice age, and is therefore covered in snow and ice. If you love a good action game and you especially love action in the snow, any of the Lost Planet games would be perfect for you.

Lost Planet
Courtesy of Capcom

3. For The Love Of Snowboarding

For all of you snowsport fans out there, Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder from Activision will get you hitting the slopes from the comfort of your couch. To be completely honest, this is an older game, and it’s a bit outdated in terms of design, but something about its old-school feel really suits the boarding lifestyle. The zones you can explore are quite unique, and they give you a real sense of snowboarding, all from within your own home. There are plenty of snowboarding games out there, but this one really embodies the ideals and nostalgic feels of a day on the slopes.

Shaun Palmer's pro snowboarder
Courtesy of Activision

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Snow

If you’re looking for some horror with your snow, Until Dawn from Supermassive Games is the game for you. Until Dawn is a classic horror game, and its outdoor elements are made even scarier and haunting by the fact that it takes place during the winter up on a mountain. With snow and ice making it more challenging for the characters to survive, and with blood showing even more noticeably against a snow-white background, this game is made even more enticing via its wintery world. If you’re looking for a scream to go with your snow, you can’t go wrong with Until Dawn.

Until Dawn
Courtesy of Supermassive Games

1. The Deepest Winter

And if you just want to experience the intensity of a long winter, The Long Dark from Hinterland Studio will plunge you into a dark snowy world to meet all of your winter needs. You play as Will Mackenzie, a bush pilot who has crashed in the Canadian wilderness. Stuck in a frozen world, you battle for survival against the elements of an absolutely intense winter setting. This is the perfect game to play if you want to fully experience the freezing cold aspect of a snow-covered world without venturing out into the cold yourself. Best to be played while piled up under blankets with a steaming cup of tea in hand, this game will get you up close and personal with the reality of a whole bunch of snow.

The long Dark
Courtesy of Hinterland Studio

There are plenty of excellent options for snowlovers to dive into some great video games. Whether you enjoy one of these games or any of the other snowy games out there, if you play a winter-themed game, your gaming experience will always be chill.

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