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Top Esports Takes Nail Biting Reverse Sweep Over Fnatic

In the first reverse sweep ever in Worlds history, tournament favorites Top Esports took the win against Fnatic in one of the most incredible series in Worlds 2020. Fnatic did not go down without a fight though, pulling out every stop in the book and decisively winning games one and two over the LPL juggernauts. 

Game 1: 

Game 1 immediately started on a high note as Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau locked in the Singed for Fnatic. Top Esports picked a relatively more stable composition. Yet chaos always ensued when a Singed is picked. Yet it was star ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and Zdravets “Hyllisang” Iliev Galabov who picked up first blood onto Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo.

The game became rather chaotic as trades went back and forth between the teams. But TES overstepped their boundaries when Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan took a risky tower dive for Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek on the Kindred.

Meanwhile, Zhuo “knight” Ding took a fight into his own hands as he picks up a Double Kill at the River.

After a back and forth game, Fnatic took a three-for-nothing trade against JackeyLove, Karsa and Liang “yuyanjia Jia-Yuan, taking the baron off the engage of Rekkles and Bwipo.

The game took a final Baron engage from Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek and Fnatic marched down mid to open the series 1-0.

Fnatic 1 – Top Esports – 0

Game 2

Game Two was a one-sided draft for Fnatic with Karsa on Jarvan IV and Bai “369” Jia-Hao outputting the entire damage on Gangplank. Fnatic had a more versatile comp for the later stages. 

The game started with a five-versus-five in the bottom side of the map with TES picking up three quick kills to Fnatic’s one.

While Top Esports took the kill lead, Rekkles and Hyllisang made it up, putting three deaths to yuyanjia on the Tahm Kench. And the kill lead ballooned in Fnatic’s favor after an impressive shockwave from Nemesis onto Karsa’s Jarvan IV.

As Fnatic took objective after objective and TES scrambled for a kill or a drake, Fnatic turned the game on its head, picking up a four-to-none kill and heading right over to Baron.

From there, the game blew wide open thanks to Bwipo on the front line and Fnatic were able to chase away Top Esports at the infernal soul and Baron. Following an impressive Command: Shockwave from Nemesis picking off Jackeylove and 369, Fnatic took Game 2.

Fnatic 2 – Top Esports 0

Game 3

One more game and Fnatic pulled off the biggest upset versus Top Esports. With two new picks of the Vel’Koz for Nemesis and the Kha’zix from Selfmade, Top Esports had their work cut out for them. But Top Esports had their own tricks in the Sion. Let’s see how Game 3 played out.

First blood started with 369 getting the solo kill onto the Ornn. Top Esports continued their isolation kills as Selfmade was picked off by four members of Top Esports. Yet Fnatic got the return kills bot side onto Jackeylove and yuyanjia.

Top Esports continued to steamroll, putting Karsa ahead on the Lee Sin. At the 15 minute mark, Fnatic took an Infernal Dragon, but at the cost of two kills and the third tower for Top Esports.

Selfmade tried to make a hero snipe onto yuyanjia’s Karma but got picked off by 369, allowing Top Esports to take control of the Baron. From there, TES grabbed the objective, but Fnatic took a narrow fight, walking out with two kills and the casters of Quickshot and Ender out of their seats.

The game came to a screeching halt as Jackeylove dealt so much damage towards Fnatic, the ground was set for a potential comeback.

Fnatic 2 – Top Esports 1

Game 4

Game 4 again showed the resiliency of Top Esports, who put Karsa on the Nidalee and gave knight comfort on the Jayce mid. Could Top Esports get the reverse sweep?

Fnatic took the early aggression, picking off kills onto the carries of knight and Jackeylove. And the early game seemed to go well for Fnatic, taking the early kill lead thanks to Hyllisang’s roam potential on the Sett. However, Top Esports began to claw their way back with a triple kill bot lane.

From there, the game got even more bloody with two more kills picked up in a tower dive from Fnatic.

The game reached twenty-one kills at 13 minutes thanks to another jungle fight with Fnatic picking up the turn around.

And all of this was occurring while Karsa’s Nidalee became insanely fed in camps and kills. Yet the game pivoted 180 degrees as knight and Karsa picked up three kills and a Baron off the engage of Fnatic.

From there, Top Esports queues up Silver Scrapes and forces a Game 5 vs Fnatic.

Fnatic 2 – Top Esports 2

Game 5

It all came down to this. Who would win this decisive Game 5?

The game began with a first blood for Karsa on the Lee Sin onto Nemesis and his signature Twisted Fate. But the more impressive kill was Selfmade on the Gragas with a flash bodyslam for the ages.

Top then took the game into their own hands, beginning to scale up on towers and dragons, though not without some fancy footwork coming out from Jackeylove and yuyanjia in the mid lane.

Fnatic did not go down without a fight, though, as they quickly turned two kills around.

However, as the kills came for Fnatic, Top Esports created pressure across the map surmounting an insane gold lead and a Baron at 20 minutes. And with that push, Top marched into the base and became the only team to ever do a reverse sweep in Worlds History.

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