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Top Esports Takes Down Invictus Gaming, Grabs 4th Consecutive Win

The latest LPL champion, Top Esports, made a dramatic start to the season and lost game after game. However, the team managed to come back stronger, especially in the second half of the season. Today, Top secured its fourth consecutive win against Invictus Gaming. IG won the first game and held a big advantage but blew it up in the end.

Top over IG 1
Photo courtesy of LPL

Game 1 

Top Esports’ draft looked pretty pretentious as it picked Aphelios, Syndra and Thresh as well as Malphite and Hecarim. This draft looked scary, especially for team fights, but IG focused on a disengaging composition which helped them a lot during the game. Just like a normal LPL game, we have seen a fight before the laning phase, and Top Esports secured the first blood. IG’s top side got ahead and grew this lead to the whole map. 

After one-sided team fights, Invictus Gaming managed to close out the game in 32 minutes. IG had 25 kills in the end, but Top only had nine, which pretty much sums up the game in general.

Game 2 

XUN made an early visit to the top side and gave the first blood to TheShy. This time, Top Esports led its focus to the bottom lane, JackeyLove, and used its marksman’s lead to increase the gold gap. XUN had the drake control, but on the other hand, Top Esports had the game control in general. Team fights were one-sided. That’s the reason Top Esports won the game without facing any troubles. IG could only last for 27 minutes

Game 3 

Just like the second game, XUN once again set up an early gank to top lane, but this time, he secured the first blood himself. In the early phase, both teams tried to contest the Rift Herald and it turned out as a disaster for IG. Top Esports grabbed the kills and secured the Herald as well as an extra dragon. From that point, IG tried its best, but if you give this much of a lead to Top Esports, there is no way back. Karsa and knight sat behind the steering wheel together and put an exclamation point to the series in 26 minutes.

Top Esports secured its seventh win this season. The team is now sitting at the fourth spot in the standings. On the other hand, Invictus Gaming has the 10th spot. IG has to win more games if the team wants to get a spot in the playoff bracket.

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