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Top Esports Surpasses Suning To Meet EDward Gaming In Round 4

The LPL Spring Split Playoffs continues to amaze us with high-level competition. Top Esports and Suning faced each other in a revenge match of last year’s finals, and it was probably the most exciting matchup of the playoff bracket so far. The series started with the longest game of the playoffs and it was head-to-head until the end. In the end, Top Esports won the series 3-1 and advanced in the 2021 LPL Spring Split Playoffs.

Top E over EDG 1
Courtesy of the LPL

Game 1 

Karsa showed his presence in the bottom side of the map and picked up the first blood; however, SofM played a lot more aggressive and active during the first minutes of action. Suning led the game for a long time thanks to SofM’s Hecarim. Top Esports players felt like they had to do something to stay in the game and stop Suning’s snowball effect. The right decision was made and Top sneaked up Baron while Suning was trying to get the dragon. Suning won the fight afterward and punished Top’s decision with an inhibitor. 

Bin made a huge mistake while his team was trying to siege and look for the fight to end the game. Bin got caught and Top Esports players immediately went all in. After scoring an ace, Top closed down the game and got the lead in the series after punishing only one mistake Suning made. If Bin played that position a little more leery, Suning would have won the opening game.

Game 2 

Just like the first game, Karsa made his first gank to huanfeng and ON. SofM used his resources and time to get Bin ahead. SofM was successful on his gameplan, but he forgot about the JackeyLove threat that got stronger and stronger minute by minute. Suning played around the fed, angry crocodile to win fights and secure objectives. We have seen Bin putting his hand under the rock and carrying team fights to get Angel’s Kassadin and huanfeng’s Varus ahead. 

Kassadin rached level 16 with six kills in his pocket, which was the biggest win condition for the side of Suning. Top Esports tried to pull out a crazy play to end the game through mid lane after killing huanfeng while Suning players were trying to push top lane. ON tunnel visioned on his enemies and found the greatest engagement he could have to win the team fight single handedly for his team. Suning ended the game in 41 minutes and tied the series to 1-1.

ON’s incredible Rell play:

Game 3 

Unlike how the series went until this point, Top Esports was the superior side on this one by far. After early fights, Top found all it needed and secured an early lead upon Suning. Bin got so much behind. While 369 was level 11, Bin was only seven. Suning players looked a little frustrated after unsuccessful attempts to get the lead. What Top Esports did was just benefit from this frustration and play its own game according to the draft. 369 made Suning accept his superiority and got his teammates ahead with textbook plays during team fights. 

Karsa also had a monstrous early-game performance and put his lanes ahead. Top Esports increased the gap, and at that point, Suning had no chance to make a comeback. TES put the exclamation point and won the game in only 19 minutes. To be honest, this performance wasn’t really expected by fans. Top Esports literally stomped Suning. The first two games took more than 40 minutes each but the third one only lasted for 19 minutes.

The play which won the game for Top Esports:

Game 4 

The fourth game started with a bloodbath in the bottom side. Suning won bot lane 2v2 and huanfeng secured both kills despite falling to JackeyLove. Top Esports immediately made a big play in the bottom side and grouped as five to dive Suning under its turret. That play put JackeyLove ahead of huanfeng. It would be correct to say that Top won the early-game battle. 

The game was a real fiesta considering all the TPs and macro plays both teams were interested in. JackeyLove had some questionable plays because of his confidence that developed after a solid early-game performance. This game was an example of how broken Seraphine is. The champion is so strong when it comes to late game; however, knight’s Sylas was phenomenal. 

SofM got caught, and Top Esports found the catch it was looking for. After that catch, Suning players failed to defend its Nexus against knight’s Sylas and JackeyLove’s fed Tristana. Top Esports advanced to the so-called semifinals after winning the fourth game.

Top Esports looked a lot better, especially in the last two games. The third game was a total stomp and looked like Suning players couldn’t keep their mentals in the game. Top Esports will face EDward Gaming in the fourth round of playoffs. Suning has been eliminated and lost its chance to represent China in MSI 2021. The other round four matchup will be played between FunPlus Phoenix and Royal Never Give Up. 

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