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Top Esports Surpasses JD Gaming, Secures Third Win of LPL Spring

2020’s undisputed LPL champion Top Esports made a questionable start to the 2021 season. Karsa and his friends dropped two games and won two, which is clearly not enough to win the chip again. Today, Top came out strong and swept JD Gaming in its fifth match of the season to improve its record.

LPL Top Esports 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1

If you really like watching fights, you have to watch the first game from the start to the end. Top Esports and JD Gaming started the series with a huge fight. Top Esports secured the first blood, but even though the fight seemed huge, no further scores were given. Karsa and knight were the saviors for Top Esports. These two talented players managed to carry team fights and punish JD’s mistakes with great mechanical plays; this was pretty much the summary of the first game. Knight’s Zoe and Karsa’s Olaf had huge impacts on the game with a little help from 369’s Camille. Top secured all the drakes and managed to get 20 kills and win the first game in 29 minutes. 

Game 2

LokeN picked Vayne and made a huge mistake during the laning phase. The Korean marksman literally gifted the first blood to the side of Top Esports. If you are playing Vayne and you die two times in a row at early stages, then your team will probably play a 4v5 and that is what happened in this game. JackeyLove had four kills in 12 minutes and a 30-cs lead. Top Esports demolished JD Gaming and won every team fight. It was almost impossible for JDG to even its opponent. Top Esports closed the series in 23 minutes, securing 19 kills. On the other hand, JDG had only three.

Top Esports still has a long way to go. EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up are its real opponents in terms of championship contention.

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