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Top Esports’ Dreadful Start To The 2021 LPL Season

The 2021 League of Legends season started with LPL matches. Suning managed to beat Top Esports in the opening match and started the season with a strong look. As the second week of matches progressed, Top Esports faced its second loss against Rogue Warriors. Rogue Warriors evened their record after the first week loss against Team WE.

Top Esports Start 1
Photo courtesy of Top Esports

The Rogue Warriors-Top Esports matchup was expected to be one sided, in favor of Top. The first game proved this point, but the second and third games were the opposite. Rogue got the W coming back from the first-game loss.

The 2021 LPL Season started with a huge match between Suning and Top Esports. You can find the details of Suning’s one-sided victory here. Losing to Suning is acceptable considering these two teams are the best in the region. On the other hand, Top’s second loss against Rogue was not acceptable. 

Top Esports made one change before the start of the season. Support player yuyanjia got benched and Zhuo joined the organization from Team WE Academy. 369, Karsa, knight and JackeyLove stuck with the roster.

Top Esports had a great Summer Split in 2020. After getting defeated in the Spring Split Final, the team came back stronger and showed its strength by winning the MidSeason Cup. Looks like the team’s support move didn’t work as planned, because its gameplay looked a lot better with yuyanjia last year. Top’s next matchup is against Rare Atom, a.k.a Vici Gaming.

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