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Top Brands Everybody in The Gaming Industry Knows

Top Brands Everybody in The Gaming Industry Knows

While the gaming industry is quite vast, there are some gaming brands out there that are so influential and wide-reaching that everyone in the gaming industry knows about them. Some of these best brands for gaming have been around for ages, while others are young up-and-comers that have quickly made a name for themselves. From gaming companies to all-around gear to gaming-community brands, the list of well-known brands spans wide across the gaming industry. 

The World of Gaming Companies

Gaming companies can be just as varied as computers, and finding your favorite company can be similar to finding a computer in that it’s often based on personal preference and nostalgia. Gaming companies run the gambit of console creators, game creators, and game conglomeration companies that bring games together in one place. 


Nintendo is truly one of the big guns of the gaming industry. From the original 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the most recent addition of the Switch, Nintendo has ruled the market of gaming consoles for decades now. And their contributions to games are absolutely staggering. Odds are, if you’ve played more than one game in your gaming experience, then you’ve played a Nintendo game. In 2020, Nintendo’s net sales totaled 12.12 billion


PlayStation falls into that same category of gaming companies that are so far-reaching, it’s almost impossible to fathom just how many people work with PlayStation in their gaming experiences. From the consoles to the games, PlayStation covers just as many bases as Nintendo, and it has just as loyal of a fanbase. According to PlayStation stats, the company holds 66.6% of the global market for consoles. 


Xbox also falls on the list of companies that have been around so much, they’re basically synonymous with gaming. While Xbox doesn’t always have the social media presence of other systems, it continues to go strong as a company that has a loyal user-base that consistently falls back on the reliability of Xbox. Even with an abundance of competition, Xbox One’s revenue went up by 65% in 2020, proving that Xbox continues to be a quality choice. 

Electronic Arts

If you’ve ever walked down the video game aisle of a store, you’ve seen games from Electronic Arts, or EA as they’re affectionately known. EA is the second-largest gaming company in America and Europe, and it’s no surprise that in the fiscal year 2021, they reached a GAAP net revenue of $5.6 billion

Epic Games

Since 1991, and harboring games like Fortnite and subdivisions like Unreal Engine, Epic Games is, quite truthfully, an epic gaming company. And that’s not even to mention the Epic Games Store, which has a record of 108 million users. 

Gaming Industry

Get The Best Gear

Your gaming gear can make or break your gaming experience. You don’t need the best of the best, but there are some gaming brands out there that give you great quality at prices every gamer can afford. And let’s be honest, for that reason of quality, affordable products, those brands are generally considered to be some of the best in the gaming industry. 


While there are plenty of gaming computers out there, Alienware takes the cake as the brand most recognizable as a gaming brand. That little alien face on the back of the computer is, at this point, inextricably linked to gaming. And Alienware doesn’t just do computers! You can deck out your gaming space with a mouse, a sweet keyboard, and a great gaming headset, all in a matching Alienware design. Alienware did struggle in 2020 as it made the shift from the Epic to the Legend design in its computers, but it’s been around a long time, and it would take a lot to unseat Alienware from its seat on this list. 


HyperX is all about decking out your gaming setup, and boy do they do it well! With a stellar list of available products and, in one category, 5 million headsets shipped out in 2018, HyperX has mastered a corner of the gaming industry. They’ve won a variety of awards for their products, and have partnered and worked with some major names in the gaming community. 


SteelSeries is evidence of the fact that everything that comes out of Denmark is excellent. Like HyperX, SteelSeries offers a wide range of products for any and all gamers, and their products are hailed as some of the best available. In 2020, SteelSeries showed growth with a 62% revenue increase worldwide, and 82% in the Americas. And with their stellar products, that growth is a no-brainer. 


Microsoft is a titan in the gaming industry in the same way that they rule the computer industry. They have so many brands and products underneath their umbrella that however, a certain brand may turn out, overall Microsoft comes out ahead. In 2019, Microsoft saw their gaming revenue reach nearly 11.39 billion dollars, and they’ve continued to grow since then. 


When it comes to gaming chairs, Secretlab is one of the best. And that’s not even all they sell! With regular annual sales of more than $15 million, Secretlab has a bright future ahead. 


GTRACING is well known not only for its quality and quantity of products available but also for its affordable options. Gaming can get expensive really quickly, and GTRACING is a great option for anyone who just wants to spend a few hundred bucks instead of a few thousand. GTRACING has only been around since 2011, and in that short time, they’ve been making waves with customers and publications alike. 

Gaming Industry

Gaming Community Connectivity 

It’s not necessarily an area you often think about when you consider gaming brands, but the brand group of companies and software programs that allow you to connect across the gaming community is integral to a great gaming experience. There are a few names out there that have really cemented their place in the gaming industry.


It’s a bit shocking to realize Discord has only been around since 2015. It’s such a staple in the gaming community that at this point it kind of feels as though it’s always been a part of the way we game and connect. With an estimated revenue that jumped from $5 million in 2016 to $130 million in 2020, it’s no surprise to anyone that Discord has been steadily rising through the ranks in the gaming community. 

Facebook Gaming

At this point, it’s easy to think of Facebook as a bit of an antiquated platform, but Facebook Gaming has turned that thought on its head. The success of Facebook Gaming has shaken up the gaming community and given gamers a new way of connecting with fans and fellow gamers. More than 800 million people use Facebook Gaming every month, and this number seems to just keep rising. 


Twitch gives you the opportunity to connect with anyone else on the platform (even gaming influencers), and with the variety of gamers on there, it really is an amazing opportunity. In the past seven days (at time of writing) Twitch reported 17,287,322 hours streamed, and that may sound staggering, but for Twitch, those high numbers are pretty routine at this point. 


No technology, social platform, or gaming list would be complete without YouTube. Even as the market is saturated with new platforms, YouTube remains one of the most commonly used platforms. In 2020, viewers watched 100 billion hours of gaming on YouTube, and with the amount of time we’ve spent inside in 2021, that number could be exponentially greater this time next year. 


You might be wondering, what is Steam doing in the gaming community section? Well, while Steam is incredibly well known as a place to go and buy games, one of the best sneaky features of Steam is the way it gives you an opportunity to connect with other gamers. With every review, recommendation, and a photo taken of a game, the space for community interaction on Steam continues to grow. Steam even offers a way to track which games are getting the most traction, so that you can feel connected with the gaming community even if you’re playing solo. 

Gaming Industry

The really amazing thing about the gaming brand industry is how user-influenced it is. That’s to say, while this list currently has the best brands for gaming, next year, or in the next five or ten years, this list could look vastly different. Many of the names on this list got here by knowing that they could change the gaming landscape, and we never know which name might make the list next. 

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