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Top 5 Wii Sports Games

Wii Sports was a very important part of my gaming history. It was the real first console I ever got and was the game that made me love the world of gaming. There were five separate games total in Wii Sports and each focused on a different sport, as you could probably guess. All of these mini games were all great in their own ways but I absolutely have a favorite. Let me get into it.

Wii Sports
This photo, and all photos featured in this article, courtesy of Nintendo

#5- Golf

Wii Golf
Top 5 Wii Sports Games 7

At number 5 for me is golf. This game was fun for a little as it was super satisfying to wind up in a golf swing in real life and then see the ball get hit in the game. I also really liked how they had so many holes to play. The only thing with this game was that it got old fast. Playing the same holes again and again got repetitive. I am also not the biggest fan of golf in the first place so perhaps some major golf fans really loved this section of the game.

#4- Tennis

Wii Tennis
Top 5 Wii Sports Games 8

At number 4 for me is tennis. This was honestly the game at which I was the most skilled. I truly don’t think I ever lost a game playing against one of my friends- I just had the mechanics down flat. That being said, it got old pretty fast and that is why it ends up this low on my list.

#3- Bowling

Wii Bowling
Top 5 Wii Sports Games 9

Number 3 for me is bowling. This game mode was so fun because it was a challenge but it also could be learned pretty easily. It was nice to see your skills improving as time went on. I think my record was 7 strikes in a row. They also had some other modes of bowling where you could put stuff in the way of the pins to make it harder. The best mode though was the option to bowl in a lane with an increasing number of pins. They got to the point where you were trying to knock down a hundred pins.

#2- Boxing

Top 5 Wii Sports Games 10

Boxing is my second-favorite mode in the game. It never got old. There were a lot of different opponents you could face off against that got better and better. You could also play against your friends. This game mode also made it so you had to duck and dodge in real life to get out of the way of the virtual punches. It was too much fun.

#1- Baseball

Wii Baseball
Top 5 Wii Sports Games 11

Number one has to be baseball. I may be a little biased, as baseball is my favorite sport in real life and I played it for years, but Wii Sports baseball packed the same punch. There was nothing better than just smacking a ball out of the park and hearing the music play. I lived for that. This was also the hardest sport of the game in my opinion as your fielders could make errors and you could sometimes not throw a ball well. This kept the game interesting and I must have played dozens of hours throughout my time. If I still had a Wii I would be playing right now.

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