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Top 5 video games which had great twist endings

When playing a video game feels like you watched a full movie at the end, you know something went right. There have been so many games over the years that have kept players on their toes and then at the last second pulled the rug out from under them with a massive twist right at the end. Here are 5 games that lulled players into a false sense of security and then had a great twist.

#5 – Portal

Courtesy of Valve

If you’re anywhere near as much of a nerd as me, then you have played the game Portal. This game is pretty simple: you are tasked with getting through puzzles and obstacles with nothing but your portal gun, which can transport you around.  A computer named GlaDOS is running the tests and tells you that there will be cake at the end. Hidden messages around the game state that “the cake is a lie,” which hints at the ending twist: GlaDOS is going to betray your character at the end of game and try to kill you. This “the cake is a lie” quote has become a famous meme throughout the years.

#4 – Bioshock

Courtesy of 2K Boston

The twist in Bioshock is one that still haunts me to my core to this day. I sometimes lie awake at night thinking about this twist, I kid you not. The twist in Bioshock is that nothing we had done through the game had been done of free will.  We were under mind control from Andrew Ryan, the man who had been guiding us the entire game. Whenever he asked us to do things he would say, “would you kindly,” which we find out is our trigger.

#3 – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5
Courtesy of Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 was not my favorite game in the series, but it did have a great twist. Through the entire game you are trying to take down Joseph Seed, a cult leader who claims that the world is going to end soon. You are told that he is crazy the whole game but find out he is actually right, and the entire town blows up.

#2 – The Last of Us

The Last of Us
Courtesy of Naughty Dog

The Last of Us 2 may have won game of the year in 2020, but the first game in the series had a great twist. The entire game Joel has been trying to get Ellie to a medical facility in order to cure the virus she is immune to. When they get there, they find out Elle will have to die in order for them to find the cure. Joel and Ellie create a great bond throughout the game and it is sad to know that Joel was leading her to her death, even if he ends up saving her.

#1 – Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Courtesy of Konami

Silent Hill 2 may have come out a while ago, but it has a crazy twist. The game has you play as James Suderland, who is traveling to Silent Hill to meet his wife Mary. Everything goes to hell when he is attacked by the supernatural. At the end of the game we find out that James actually killed his wife before the game even started and the whole game was fabricated from his guilty conscience.

Those are my top 5, but what are yours? Tell me if I missed any A1 titles down in the comments.

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