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Top 5 Video Game References in Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is one of my favorite shows of all time. It was only a matter of time until I found some way to write about it for Syft. Like any good TV show, Rick and Morty is stuffed full of great video game references: here are my top 5. 

WARNING- there will be spoilers for the entire show in this article. Read if you dare.

Rick and Morty
This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of Adult Swim

The season 3 finale had some great references to Minecraft. When Morty first brings up the game to Rick, he is not interested in it at all. In fact, he thinks it looks stupid. In the middle of the episode, when Rick and Morty are supposed to be hunting down a monster for the President, it cuts to them instead playing Minecraft together, having a great time. Seeing Rick change his mind about the game and become obsessed with it is really funny.

Rick and Morty
Top 5 Video Game References in Rick and Morty 7

At number four, we have a scene featured in the episode“Mortynight Run.” In this episode, the pair go to a Dave and Busters-style alien arcade where Morty plays a game called Roy: A Life Well Lived. When Morty plays this game, he takes over the life of a man named Roy and tries to survive as long as he can. This game is a direct spoof of our world’s obsession with virtual reality. When Morty is finished with the game, he has a hard time remembering that he is actually not an old man named Roy. This could be a comment on how virtual reality is taking over our real lives.

Rick and Morty
Top 5 Video Game References in Rick and Morty 8

At number 3, we have a moment from the season 4 finale. During a fight between Rick and Beth, they both at one point use a device that looks very similar to a Pokéball. When the two toss this ball at each other, a giant monster comes out of it and attacks. I got to admit, it is a little bit cooler than real Pokémon.

Rick and Morty
Top 5 Video Game References in Rick and Morty 9

At number 2, we have some classic Jerry moments. Throughout the entire series, the only person seen playing those free-to-play IOS games like Candy Crush and Balloons is Jerry. He’s constantly missing important moments and information because he is too caught up in playing these games. Perhaps this is some commentary from the creators of the show that these games are really stupid and waste so much time. I mean, with the amazing stuff that goes on in this show, how could you waste your time playing free-to-play games?

Rick and Morty
Courtesy of Rick and Morty

Number 1, and by far the coolest video game reference in the entire show, happens in the season 4 finale. Rick and Bird Person are in an all-out battle, and Rick hits his old friend so hard that he produces a scene similar to the famous game Mortal Kombat. The design of the scene matches exactly to what would happen if the fight was actually in the Mortal Kombat game.

Rick and Morty
Top 5 Video Game References in Rick and Morty 10

Rick and Morty only continues to impress me with every episode. I have to give them their due props for being able to put in all these little references to the games we have come to know and love over the years. The people who make this show are total nerds- we had to expect they’d throw in some of their favorite video games somewhere.

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