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Top 5 Modern Warfare (2019) Gunfight maps

Modern Warfare 1
Courtesy of IGN

Gunfight is one of my favorite Call of Duty modes of all time. If you have not played this mode before, here is how it works: teams of two go against each other on small maps where the goal of the game is to be the first team to win six rounds. You only have one life per round and the guns switch every two rounds. In this mode, you’re never too down bad to make a comeback and win the game. I have been down 5-0 and gone on a run to win the game. There are a lot of Gunfight maps, but I have narrowed them down to my top 5. Here they are:

At number 5 is “King.” This map is super fun because of the different heights you can get to on different parts of the map. There are also some really tight corridors on each side of the map which can be used as chokeholds to trap enemies. This is just an all-around great map I’m always down to play.

Modern Warfare 2
Courtesy of Infinity Ward

At number 4 is “Speedball.” This map is great because of all the shipment containers you can hide in. At the same time, there are a lot of open areas which create great balance within the map. I also really enjoy the paintball type of cover available.

Modern Warfare 3
Courtesy of Infinity Ward

At number 3 is “Stack.” This map is entertaining because of the straight-forwardness of it. At the start, if you look to the right or left, you can see right into enemy spawn. There are also a ton of great height differentials to keep you entertained. I also really like rushing enemy spawns when there is a pistol class because you can really catch players off guard and get some easy kills.

Modern Warfare 4
Courtesy of Infinity Ward

At number 2 is “Shipment.” I mean, what can I say about this map that hasn’t been said already. Shipment is a great map and a total fan favorite. The fact that this map is a Gunfight option only adds to the quality of the game mode.

Modern Warfare 5
Courtesy of Infinity Ward

At number 1 is “Atrium.” This might be a controversial pick, but I adore this map. It is the smallest of the maps and leads to absolute chaos. I have a strategy of just rushing enemy spawn every round and seeing how many kills I can get. No matter how many times I rush, the map is so dang small that enemies can never get used to it.

Modern Warfare 6
Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Those were my top 5 Gunfight maps; what are yours? Does anyone even like this mode as much as me, or do I just have an attachment to a mode no one else enjoys? Let me know in the comments down below.

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