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Top 10 Video Game Moms

Courtesy of Square Enix and Fandom

10. Ana Amari – Overwatch

Courtesy of Fandom

An exceptional sniper and one of the founding figures of Overwatch, Ana Amari is an all-around badass and the mother of Fareeha Amari, better known as Pharah. Coming from a long lineage of elite soldiers, she possesses immense prowess in combat as well as a deep sense of duty, which are traits she subsequently passed down to her daughter. While Ana regrets many past actions and decisions she made regarding her upbringing and relationship with Pharah, both mother and daughter hold an unwavering love for one another in spite of their strain, reflecting the nature of many real mother-child relationships. 

9. Ellie and Dina – The Last of Us II

Courtesy of Inverse

Motherhood is hard enough as is, without having to deal with post-apocalyptic stress and infected monster-beings. Ellie and Dina from The Last of Us Part II are prime examples of how moms are some of the toughest people out there. Their baby JJ— affectionately nicknamed “Potato” by Ellie— sees much happiness in his early days under the tender love and care of both his mothers, though their time together as a family unfortunately doesn’t last. Even so, audiences can’t help but attach themselves to the beautiful dynamic of mother and child between Ellie, Dina, and JJ during their time living peacefully at the farm.

8. Mom – Animal Crossing Series

Courtesy of Animal Crossing World

In a world where the player character is tasked with the big job of cultivating community among cute, vivacious little animal villagers, there’s still the warm companionship of the player’s mother. While she’s unseen for the most part, her love and guidance still reach the player via heartfelt letters and precious, handmade gifts. Even though she misses them dearly, she couldn’t be more proud of the player character, generously gifting them a piece of her “Mom series” of furniture/items (made with certified love) to spritz up the place and serve as a reminder that she’s always with them. 

7. Rosalina – Mario Series

Courtesy of Games Hedge

One can say that Rosalina from the Mario franchise stacks up to be a mom who’s simply out of this world! Rosalina not only serves as the guardian of space, she also takes care of the enigmatic (and exceedingly adorable) Luma creatures as her adoptive children. Her heartwarming backstory, of which she reads to her children from a storybook, traces the start of her deep bond with the Lumas. She assumed the role of caretaker after meeting a lone Luma and unsuccessfully venturing with it in search of its own mother.

Frequently reminded of her own mother and family throughout her journey, Rosalina eventually came to realize that she loved the Lumas dearly, seeing them as her new family and going on to raise them as her own. Rosalina is a star-studded mother who gives and protects unconditionally.

6. Mom – Pokemon Series

Courtesy of Game Freak

A sweet staple in the core series of Pokemon games is Mom. PokeMoms are a base of love and support for the player trainer, healing their Pokemon in most installments when spoken to at home or giving them gifts like “Running Shoes” for their travels. In games where there are call functions through devices like the PokeNav or Xtransciever, Mom will always make sure to check up on the player occasionally. In games like Pokemon, where travel, discovery, and growth are central themes, Mom is always there behind the main character. 

5. Setsuko Sonomura – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Courtesy of Atlus

A bit of a dark horse among this list, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, better known as Persona 1, gave us one of the most caring and dedicated mothers in gaming, Setsuko Sonomura, who mothers major character Maki Sonomura. Setsuko works as an engineer for the large corporation SEBEC, supporting her sickly, hospitalized daughter on her own as a single mother.

While this unfortunately takes a lot of time away from being with her daughter, she does it solely for Maki’s sake. To help a young Maki cope whenever she felt lonely, Setsuko taught her a “magic” chant, “Erusaer Tsymmom” (Which reads backwards as “Mommy’s Treasure”).

During the events of Persona 1’s SEBEC route, Setsuko willingly charges into danger without a second thought in order to find Maki in the midst of the trouble and further help the party along in their journey. A caring example to all within Persona 1’s universe, she’s admired deeply for her dedication and selflessness as a mother (Also earning her the great accolade of a high spot on this list!)

4. Marowak – Pokemon Series

Courtesy of Bulbapedia

Everyone and their mom teared up at the story of the Marowak from the Kanto region who died protecting her baby Cubone from Team Rocket’s attempts to harvest the latter’s skull for profit. Marowak then returned as a vengeful ghost that prevented anyone from reaching the top floor of the Pokemon Tower, requiring the player to use the Silph Scope to identify and engage her in battle in order to calm her anguished spirit.

In later game installments set in the Kanto region, Marowak’s spirit is ultimately soothed upon seeing her Cubone child once more, allowing her to pass on to the afterlife. Marowak’s selfless sacrifice and undying love for her child make her an unforgettable mother amongst all others.

On a positive note, it’s noteworthy that Marowak’s Alolan form is a dual ghost type. Could it be a means for Marowak to potentially reunite with her child? 

3. Elmyra – Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Courtesy of Square Enix

Elmyra Gainsborough is the adoptive mother of main Final Fantasy VII character Aerith Gainsborough. Though they’re not related by blood, Elmyra and Aerith couldn’t be closer. Elmyra met Aerith when Aerith’s true birth mother begged the former to take her daughter somewhere safe with her dying words. Elmyra went on to raise and protect Aerith as she grew up, quickly coming to see her as her own daughter.

She extends her caring demeanor to Cloud and the rest of his friends, offering them shelter in her home and taking care of Barrett’s daughter Marlene while the party embarks on their mission to rescue Aerith and escape Shinra. The most striking aspect of Elmyra in all of this is that even though none of these individuals are her actual children or relatives, she still has so much compassion in her heart to care for them as a real mother would. Elmyra’s protective and caring nature toward the entire party in spite of her difficult circumstances makes her a mother everyone can rely on.

2. Allie – Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Courtesy of Bandai Namco

Allie is the mother of Oliver, the main protagonist of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Allie is a kind and caring woman who loves her son dearly, taking care to raise him with values and goodness. When Oliver accidentally falls into a lake and begins to drown, Allie immediately rushes in and rescues him, but ultimately succumbs to heart failure as a result.

Her death sparks Oliver’s entire quest to the other world as he journeys with his enigmatic companion Drippy, a plushie made for him by Allie brought to life by his tears, in order to revive her in his own world. Allie’s love, patience, and sacrifice truly depict her as one of the most striking mothers in gaming, as the entire story of Ni no Kuni revolves around Oliver trying to save her. 

1. Naru – Ori and the Blind Forest

Courtesy of Pixelkin

In acknowledgement of the most heartfelt and tear jerking video game mom, Ori and the Blind Forest’s Naru takes the Mother’s Day cake. The enigmatic being Naru and main protagonist Ori possess an incredibly heartwarming mother-child dynamic, as both beings essentially just want to live and survive together. When a food shortage strikes the forest, Naru selflessly prioritizes the needs of Ori over her own, eventually succumbing to starvation in a tragic scene that certainly rendered many individuals human carwashes.

However, in the awe-inspiring twist of her eventual revival, Naru immediately and desperately pursues Ori, who’s in danger at the hands (or talons) of the main antagonist, Kuro, an owl entity of darkness. Even in the direst of straits, Naru unwaveringly tries to protect Ori. Kuro, who experienced her own grief as a mother after losing all but one of her children, is rightfully impacted. As a mother, Naru essentially battles all odds for the sake of the child she loves most. She’s especially striking in that her maternal love is essentially what saves the forest. With one of the purest and sweetest parent-child relationships, Naru cements herself as a truly monumental video game mom.

While these may be our picks for Top 10 Video Game Moms, let it be known that all moms are #1, whether they’re braving it through a zombie apocalypse with you or guarding the cosmos of space. We at Syft wish all moms a sincere Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do. 

What are some of your picks for best video game moms? Let us know in the comments!

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