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Top 10 Video Game Dads

Gaming has brought us some of the most badass fathers out there! Check out our top 10 video game dads!

Courtesy of Square Enix

10. Bowser – Mario Series

Courtesy of Nintendo

In spite of his nefarious attempts at kidnapping Princess Peach and his overall odds with Mario and friends, the Koopa King has proven more often than not that he’s still a caring and protective father of his son, Bowser Jr. Bowser’s son often draws out the more sensitive side of this fire-breathing, gargantuan turtle. If you’re looking for a heartwarming father-son pick-me-up tale, we recommend the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Presentation. Trust us: it’s exceedingly adorable.

9. James McCloud – Star Fox Series

Courtesy of Nintendo

While his appearances have been short or few in number, James McCloud is undoubtedly one of the main driving forces in his son Fox’s life. His supposed “death” would cause the titular hero of the Star Fox series to drop out of the Cornerian Flight Academy and seek vengeance. James had a loving relationship with Fox, raising his son to never give up and trust his instincts. He would continue to serve as a guiding light for his son, mysteriously leading him out of danger and saving his life during the events of Star Fox 64.

8. Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII

Courtesy of Square Enix

In the past year, we got a much-needed revival of Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Below the rugged, gun-armed exterior of this resistance leader, Barret is a deeply loving father to his daughter, Marlene. Though he is often forced to leave her in the care of his trusted allies while off on missions, she remains at the forefront of his undying will to save the planet as he tirelessly strives toward a better future for her sake. 

7. Kratos – God of War Series

Courtesy of Sony

We’ve seen the mighty Kratos tear down every obstacle in his path to vengeance, including the Greek gods themselves. Being the immensely fearsome figure he is, it was more than refreshing to see his wholesome relationship with his son Atreus, whom he refers to as “Boy.” While Kratos’ past is ridden with the blood of many, including his first wife and daughter in a tragic circumstance, we see more of his growth in his devotion and love towards Atreus. You DON’T want to mess with this dad.  

6. Geralt – The Witcher Series

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

Though not biologically related, Geralt serves as a loving father figure and mentor to Cirilla or “Ciri” in The Witcher series. The events of The Witcher 3 further serve to exhibit the filial relationship between the two as Geralt journeys to find Ciri, who is on the run from the Wild Hunt pursuing her for her special abilities. The father-daughter relationship between Geralt and Ciri is such that the actions of the player as Geralt raising Ciri deeply impact the game’s ending and the latter’s ultimate fate. 

5. Sojiro Sakura – Persona 5

Courtesy of Atlus

Known affectionately by fans as the “Coffee and Curry Dad,” Sojiro Sakura’s rugged yet caring personality as a guardian to both the protagonist and Futaba Sakura of Persona 5 made him a must-add to this list. His nurturing disposition extends to all of the Phantom Thieves, frequently allowing them to hold gatherings in his humble cafe. Sojiro’s filial nature is exemplified through his willingness to take in both Futaba Sakura, who was shunned by her relatives after the death of her mother, and the protagonist, who after a wrongful conviction, had nowhere else to go. His actions and attitude make him one of the most trustworthy, admirable, and reliable adults in the game. 

4. Joel Miller – The Last of Us Series

Courtesy of Naughty Dog

Joel and Ellie had us all in tears throughout their journey during The Last of Us and its sequel. While their initial meeting was a matter of circumstance, the two would form a stalwart father-daughter bond in the midst of their crisis situation, growing closer through relying on each other to survive. Joel, who had lost his daughter Sarah early on in the first game, would find his fatherly instincts kicking in once again during his time with Ellie. His love was such that he would ultimately choose to save her life at the cost of saving the rest of humanity, a decision which, while controversial in nature, only further painted Joel as a truly dedicated father. 

3. Kazuma Kiryu – Yakuza Series

Courtesy of Sega

While he boasts an incredibly fierce and intimidating exterior, Kazuma Kiryu’s pure heart shines most brightly through his caring disposition toward his adopted daughter Haruka Sawamura and the other orphans of the Morning Glory Orphanage in the Yakuza series. Possessing a strong code of honor, Kazuma’s caring nature and will to protect the weak make him a devoted and reliable father figure in spite of not having any biological children of his own. Like any good dad, he’s here to protect his kids, and you do not want to mess with them lest you plan on throwing some serious hands. 

2. Sazh Katzroy – Final Fantasy XIII

Courtesy of Square Enix

Sazh Katzroy is a criminally underrated video game dad. While many had mixed reviews about the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, what’s most clear is that Sazh is one of the best fathers in gaming. After the death of his wife, Sazh dedicates his life to raising his son Dajh, and when the latter falls into the dangerous conflict of the godlike fal’Cie figures of the game, Sazh willingly goes against all authoritative and powerful figures for the sake of saving his son. Additionally, in the midst of their stressful journey, Sazh’s paternal instincts make him a caring and wise figure amongst the Final Fantasy XIII party members. 

1.  Harry Mason – Silent Hill

Courtesy of Konami

While many of these dads could’ve made their way to the number one spot on our list, Harry Mason ultimately landed our pick as number 1. Compared to many of the fathers on this list, Harry isn’t particularly strong nor does he possess any real special abilities; however, in spite of all of this, his courage to face the nefarious monsters of the Silent Hill-verse for the sake of saving his daughter Cheryl make him an outstanding figure. He may be just a run-of-the-mill man, but his tenacity and willingness to fight tooth and nail for his kid truly exemplify him as a Dad of the Decades. 

Who’s in your top 10 of the best video game dads? Let us know in the comments below.

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