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Top 10 VALORANT Pros with the Most DEADLY Aim

VALORANT players come from a wide range of different backgrounds. Riot’s tactical shooter has attracted former players of Counter Strike, Overwatch, Fortnite and more. So what’s the one unifying element that connects all these players from differing backgrounds? It’s simple: aim. 

Top 10 VALORANT Pros with the Most DEADLY Aim 2

With the kickoff of the VALORANT Champions Tour, now is a better time than ever to discuss where top pros from all different regions rank among each other in terms of raw, mechanical aim. From unknown up-and-comers to bonafide, spotlight-stealing superstars, anyone can make a name for themselves in VALORANT.

Oftentimes in VALORANT, a spit-second can be the difference between a loss and a win. While some players utilize their skills in teamwork, coordination and macro knowledge, others rise through the ranks by clicking heads and pumping out headshot after headshot. 

Here is a brief look at the 10 VALORANT stars with the most raw, deadly, and ridiculous aim in the game. 

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