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Titles of the Future: SkateBIRD

All images courtesy of Glass Bottom Games

For decades, ‘Hawk’ has been the dominating avian term in the skateboarding realm, but thanks to developer Glass Bottom Games, there are some new high-flyers hitting the halfpipe.

Welcome to SkateBIRD. You’re a bird. And you’re a professional skateboarder. The timeless saying “for the birds” is no longer a laughable idiom. This just got real. 

Titles of the Future: SkateBIRD 5

The premise of SkateBIRD has players assuming the role of a lonely pet bird. You’ve sat and watched your “Big Friend” fall into a depression slump, kicking their skateboard to the curb and spending all of their free time sulking. But this reality doesn’t jibe with your need for love and affection. To inspire your “Big Friend” to hop back on the board and enjoy life once again, you take it upon yourself to use your own incredible skateboarding skills as a way to show them life isn’t so bad. 

This little indie gem is its own skateboarding adventure. The similarities it shares with the highly-influential, titular Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise are there, but a little less edgy. Instead of machine-gun drum punk beats and vibrant graffiti walls we’ve enjoyed with the titular Tony Hawk franchise, players will instead rip flips and grinds with adorable wing flaps all to the beat of a beautiful ambient lo-fi soundtrack. And as you shred the parks, your fun-seeking fowl will uncover secret clothing, soundtracks, and other birds in need of a helping hand (or wing, if you want to focus on semantics.)

Titles of the Future: SkateBIRD 6

Speaking of parks….

The parks your winged character traverses are equally as pleasant. In SkateBIRD, the arenas are mostly scaled to the size of your tiny character à la the 1999 N64 favorite Micro Machines where vehicles raced between individual Cheerios and over yard sticks.You won’t rip empty pools, roller coasters, or elevated glass lookout rooms to shatter and burst through. Instead your character will fervorously flutter along, grinding over Ticonderogas rails, kickflipping off erasers, and hitting killer lip tricks on bendy straws.

Titles of the Future: SkateBIRD 7

What started as a Kickstarter game back in 2019, SkateBIRD has been quietly gaining momentum amongst skater gamers, including myself. As a fan of what’s usually a fast-paced, punk-laden game arena, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of SkateBIRD, which is pegged for sometime in 2021. Until then, I’ll continue hammering through Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 like the skater boy I am.

Give the game trailer some eyes and get a feel of what SkateBIRD is all about.

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