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Titles of the Future: Marvel Avengers

I’m sure you, like myself, have considered at one point or another what it would be like to be a superhero. If you had the chance, what would your power be?

Would you choose to fly?

Or have the strength of 100 soldiers? 

Perhaps a giant metal hammer that shoots lightning is more your thing. 

Oh! Maybe you’d be in favor of the ability to shapeshift?

Whatever it may be, we can all thank Marvel for letting us dream about what a day in the shoes of our favorite superhero would be like.

Marvel Avengers
Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Marvel, with a net worth of more than $13 billion, is firmly etched in pop culture as a global icon and one of the most successful brands of the 21st century. From films to cereal boxes and everything in between, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t recognize the Marvel name. It’s much more than just a stack of comic books. For some, it’s a lifestyle. And after what feels an eternity in the quantum realm, Marvel is finally giving us a co-op video game we’ve waited too long for.

It’s time to grab your controllers and suit up for the recent release of Square Enix’s Marvel Avengers.

Marvel Avengers
Image Courtesy: Square Enix

The action brawler-style game lets players assemble Earth’s most powerful superheroes and strategically take down some of our favorite villains like the master tactician, Taskmaster, and Hulk’s arch-rival, Abomination. A flashy, heroic journey that boasts explosive boss battles and gear upgrades that make co-op parties a blast, Marvel Avengers is a big step in the right direction. It bashes, it crashes and for one exceptionally large green guy, it smashes.

Marvel Avengers
Courtesy of Marvel

For fans and gamers looking for their superhero fix in the wake of Endgame, the first big-console action adventure couldn’t have come at a better time. For Marvel, it’s been a meticulous process getting into the business. In fact, it was just last year when they made their first major move into esports after partnering with Team Liquid, the professional esports organization and pride of Netherlands. The partnership provided Team Liquid with Avengers-style uniforms they sport at certain esports events.

Team Liquid Marvel
Image Courtesy: Forbes

Now, like many other grassroots games, we should be patient with its growth. Even with the Scrooge McDuck money that Marvel has at the ready, the game will have some catching up to do if it wants to be mainstream and a big-ticket in the competitive world. But if there is an organization that knows something about being extraordinary, you can bet the house that it’s Marvel.

Scrooge McDuck
Courtesy of Tumblr

Being a superfan of superheroes, I couldn’t be more excited to take up the mantle of being an Avenger. There is real potential for this game and those that will inevitably follow in the future to pick up a significant following in the esports community. We shouldn’t expect it to take very long for Marvel to get its heroes into the main vein of mainstream gaming. After all, their bread and butter is extravagant, @$$-kicking adventures.

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