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Titles of the Future: Biomutant

This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of THQ Nordic

There comes a time in every cat’s life when they must learn Kung-Fu to survive. 

Well, maybe not all cats. But in the upcoming post-apocalyptic fable RPG Biomutant, it’s either adapt or die because the world is an unforgiving place. 

Developed by new-to-the-scene Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant will be released May 25, 2021 after having originally been scheduled for 2019. The greenhorn developer cited the game as having immense potential to be enhanced in size and complexity, which required additional time for fine-tuning. Rather than rush a bug-laden product to release, the studio pushed the project out while staying quiet until the time was right to let eager fans know the game was ready to go.

Experiment 101 puts a unique spin on the downfall of society in the Biomutant world. Instead of singing the same tune with the quintessential natural disaster or global warfare, developers brought the apocalypse with a massive oil flood that rose from underground, resulting in a planet-changing plague. Your character will trudge through a poisoned New World to unite the “tribes” and save the Tree of Life from its incessant bleeding…and becoming lunch for savage creatures.

Biomutant1 1
Titles of the Future: Biomutant 5

In the aftermath of the world’s vitality going kaput, you must learn to hone a network of “Mutations” which include powers like telekinesis, levitation, and a myriad of others. These powers cause your custom feline character’s genetic code to alter as the story develops. With the ever-evolving gameplay, the next day is never the same as the one before.

Another peculiar direction taken by Experiment 101 is the utilization of an all-pervasive narrator. The action and dialogue are all done by one voice actor, giving the game an authentic storybook feel. Not too often has this been used in games, so it will be interesting to see how or if it impacts gameplay. “Cat commentary” are two words I never anticipated putting together.

Survival is the name of the game, so how else are these ferocious furries going to keep on keepin’ on without the appropriate weaponry? The game carries a vast crafting matrix for creating weapons and armor – with “vast” being an understatement. There are more than half a million gun combinations and even more for melee attacks. 

Biomutant2 1
Titles of the Future: Biomutant 6

Customization of gear comes with an exceptional level of specificity as you can change blades, handles and attach several modules. Ancient combat relics like throwing stars and ancient guns are also handed down by “tribe masters” as the story progresses. Basically, there’s no shortage of ways to demolish your enemy.

But it ain’t all guns and bullets in the Biomutant world. The martial arts combat system gives maximum control of your character’s movement in and out of battle. Doubling down on the hyper combat experience is the implementation of the Wushu combat style. The name might sound strange to you and me, but Wushu is an authentic martial art and combat sport. Acquiring new Wushu skills along the way promises players combat will never be boring.

Biomutant3 1
Titles of the Future: Biomutant 7

To think a world flooded with oil, cluttered with destruction, and ravaged by monsters would be beautifully stunning is laughable. But the developers knocked the aesthetics out of the park. The 4×4 kilometer open world floods the eyes with brilliant vibrancy and detailed landscapes. Your character will roam the wilderness by foot, air-balloon, mech, jet-ski, hand glider, and more, uncovering mysteries set abound by cataclysmic events. Who knows what quirky character you’ll meet out there?

Biomutant looks and feels like an amalgamation of Devil May Cry, Mass Effect, and Ratchet and Clank — all of which are fan favorites. This intriguing tale of alleycats gone rogue is right around the corner and worth keeping an eye on. See for yourself by checking out the gameplay trailer.

It’s a dog-ea— 

I mean, cat-eat-cat world out there, and they are not as cute and cuddly as the one staring at you from the countertop. 

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