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Time Trap: Hidden Objects Puzzle Game

Since I discovered iSpy books as a child, I’ve loved any sort of hidden-object puzzle. When I spied Time Trap: Hidden Objects Puzzle Game from Crisp App Studio during a search through the Steam store, I was compelled to add it to my collection. I’ve been delighted with my decision ever since. As a puzzle game with plenty of hidden items to work out your mind and a solid backstory to boot, this is an absolute must-buy. 

Time Trap
Courtesy of Crisp App Studio

Overall Rating


1 - Visuals


Stunning visuals are the name of the game in hidden object adventures, and Time Trap meets and exceeds expectations in its visually intriguing puzzles. The puzzles start out simple enough, but as you move through the scenes, they become more and more intricate, with more distracting backgrounds and intensely-hidden puzzle pieces. 

Part of the visual clue charm to be found lies in the variety of hidden objects. Sometimes you’re searching for a cat, and other times you’re looking for an old-fashioned telephone. The mix of different objects to seek out keep this game’s visuals delightful from start to finish. 

For visuals, this game gets 5 out of 5 stars. 

Time Trap
Courtesy of Steam

2 - Audio


Time Trap’s audio is, for the most part, pleasant and not distracting from the gameplay. When it comes to hidden object games, there’s not much more you can wish for than some subtle background noise to get you in the zone without distracting you from the puzzle at hand. 

On occasion, a splash of intense audio will come in to invest you in the mystery of the game. It’s never too loud, and it really does serve the purpose of making you feel the intensity behind the story of the game. Overall, Time Trap’s audio is perfectly suited to a hidden object puzzle. 

For audio, this game gets 5 out of 5 stars. 

Time Trap

3 - Story/Progression


For a rather simple puzzle game, Time Trap actually has a fair amount of story. You play as a character attempting to discover what happened to a missing journalist. As the game progresses, you find clues about what has happened, and eventually, you end up stuck in the time vortex that captured the journalist. 

The only negative in terms of story and progression is that it simply isn’t long enough. I spent a dedicated hour or so and was able to complete the game. While the story drew me in, I wish there had been more of a story told. 

For Story/Progression, this game gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Time Trap
Courtesy of Crisp App Studio

4 - Gameplay


Time Trap’s gameplay is on par with the quality of the game overall. The mechanics can be a little clunky, especially with the scrolling to zoom in and out on the different search locations (it often starts zoomed in a bit and you have to zoom out to see the whole picture). 

Could it be better? Sure. But is it terrible? Nope! As you play through the levels, you get used to the zoom features and you’re able to fully focus on the search for all the items. While it’s not the smoothest game in terms of gameplay, it’s not bad; not bad at all. 

For gameplay, this game gets 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Time Trap
Courtesy of Steam

5 - Context


When I first saw Time Trap in the Steam store, I thought to myself, “is it based on the Time Trap film from 2017? If so, I will love this game.” I didn’t do much research on the game before I started playing it, but once I started and played through, I was pretty convinced that the film and game must be related in some way. 

To my surprise, when I enlisted Google to help me find the connection, there wasn’t one to be found. I’d like to think that my internet detective skills are pretty sharp, so unless I missed something major, there isn’t a link (apart from the similar content) between this game and the film of the (almost) same name. However, even without a direct link, this game fits perfectly into the context around Time Trap (the film) and the entire world of time-morphing sci-fi adventures. 

For context, this game gets 4 out of 5 stars. 

Time Trap
Courtesy of Crisp App Studios


Overall, Time Trap: Hidden Objects Puzzle Game is a unique treat in the hidden object adventure genre. What it lacks at times in gameplay, more than makes up for in a story and visual intricacies. If you’re a fan of mysteries and hidden object games, I highly recommend you give Time Trap a try. 

Overall, this game gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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