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Tian Takes A Break From Competitive Scene

Tian was considered as the best jungler in 2019. The Chinese superstar had great plays in 2019 but his individual performance decreased as his team started losing. FPX couldn’t find the success it was looking for in 2020, and before the 2021 season, it wanted to form a contending team by adding Nuguri to the roster. Unfortunately, due to Tian’s health issues, this roster will continue with another jungler. Tian won’t be competing on the Rift for a while as he decided to take a break from the competitive scene. 

Tian 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

According to his statement on Weibo, Tian is experiencing some difficulties regarding his health. Due to his health issues, he couldn’t carry the pressure on his shoulders and decided to take a break. It is not clear yet if he will come back to the scene.

Tian’s professional esports career started in 2017. After spending a short amount of time for Young Miracles, he joined Suning with his teammate knight. In 2019, he joined FunPlus Phoenix where he proved his worth and lifted the Worlds 2019 trophy under the FPX uniform. 

FunPlus Phoenix had a wonderful 2019 season, but after the world championship, the team fell slowly in performance. Prior to the 2020 season, it acquired LCK star Khan but couldn’t find what it was looking for.

Tian played with his own skin, FPX Lee Sin, in his last LPL game in this season, which is clearly something he thought about before the match. We hope it wasn’t the last time we see him on the Rift; He still has a lot to accomplish.

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