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Tian Makes His Return To LPL

Tian has always been one of the most important players on the FunPlus Phoenix roster. This year, he faced health issues which forced him to take a break from the competitive scene. After a month or so, he returned to the Rift wearing the FPX jersey once again. However, FPX couldn’t win against Team WE and faced its second loss of the season.

Tian Returns 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

After joining FunPlus Phoenix, Tian proved his worth and showed how well he plays with Doinb. The jungler-mid synergy was too much for the other teams to deal with it and FPX won the World Championship in 2019. However, the team had an awful performance in 2020 and couldn’t even attend the international tournaments. FPX signed Nuguri prior to the 2021 season and showed positive signals with the Korean top laner.

Tian’s health issues detained his willingness to play professionally in the scene and FPX signed Bo to its roster. Tian’s return was unclear since he didn’t specify an exact date, but we knew that he was going to be back at some point. He made his return to the scene with the sixth week of LPL action.

FunPlus Phoenix underperformed against Team WE and lost the match without even getting a game. Now, they have two junglers in their roster and we may see Bo benching Tian in the upcoming weeks since FPX didn’t drop a game with Bo.

It is wonderful to see Tian back on the Rift. We hope he never faces health issues again and competes against the best teams in the world.

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