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The Voices of FaZe 5: Thank You


Nearly four months of FaZe 5 coverage was as equally enlightening as it was entertaining. The intensity of pure, intrinsic passion was on full display across an ensemble of more than 200,000 creatives from around the world. Full to the brim with talent and unique personalities, the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge did not disappoint. Congratulations to everyone who participated for even embarking on that journey to begin with. Hopefully, no matter what happened, you walked away from that experience with good memories, personal growth, and an even greater drive to pursue your dreams. Also, congratulations to FaZe Clan for hosting a successful recruitment challenge.

The Voices of FaZe 5: Thank You 3

On September 4, this huge spectacle called the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge began with over 200,000 participants all pursuing the same goal: to join FaZe. Content creators from all walks of life with similar ambitions converged together in what was an entertaining competition and a welcoming distraction from the chaos that was 2020. The idea of uniting not only gamers, but other talented creatives of literally any specialty was an extremely intriguing one. This concept was even more fascinating the moment I got a better understanding of the passion from each of these uniquely spirited individuals. It is these initial sentiments that turned what was originally an idea for an article or two into three months and eight editions worth of features for our series, ‘The Voices of FaZe 5.’

The deeper I delved into FaZe 5 and its meaning, the more convinced I became to start a campaign to feature some of its participants (and hopefully a future FaZe member or two.) A plan was shortly thereafter put in place to act on this idea. With the stamp of approval and backing from Syft (shoutout to the team for getting behind the idea,) the blueprint was set.

The pursuit to feature the diversity and personalities of the recruitment challenge led me to 40 special people, all with unique quirks, talents, and character. Each of these 40 individuals answered the call to be a part of the VoF5 and did so with enthusiasm and grace; some even under time constraints, just arriving home from vacation or handling other life happenings. That “call” could have easily been ignored and never thought of again. 

They not only answered that call, but also took the initiative to ensure that they did everything asked of them and then some. The mere thought that four people, let alone 40 took the time out of their day for “that Syft article” is greatly appreciated.  

It is with sincere gratitude that I’d like to {once again} say thank you to all 40 of you for buying into the purpose of this series and for sharing your personalities, spirits, and ambitions with us. The trust you’ve given to me as part of a Syft team is in the early stages of our legacy does not go unnoticed nor taken for granted. Hopefully we were able to validate that trust—if even a little bit—by relating your likeness and essence in a satisfactory manner.  

On behalf of myself and the entire Syft team, I’d like to thank you all again for being a part of the Voices of FaZe 5. Thank you for sharing your time and effort while letting us tell just a small fraction of your stories. You all have full support from me going forward, and I’m super excited about the progression in store for you all in 2021 and beyond. 💯

Voices of FaZe5
The Voices of FaZe 5: Thank You 4

To the rest of the world, even though the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge is officially over, I encourage you to listen to the stories and passion from the 40 people alluded to above in the links below. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Additionally, here‘s the link to my interview with FaZe 5 Top 20 participant Cannaestia, who was gracious enough to lend me some time for an interview soon after the birth of her child.

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