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The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4)

Let the world know who you are in up to five minutes of story and passion.

The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 8

We are now about a month removed from the end of stage one of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge. The sheer number of contestants participating this year surpassed an astonishing 200,000, forcing FaZe to delay the release of the much anticipated top 100 reveal. Every one of these thousands have given their all in the pursuit of five coveted spots in the FaZe family over the course of this challenge. You will hear from six of these people here. Not only hear them, but get a feel for their personalities, spirits, and ambitions.

These are The Voices of FaZe 5: Part 4.

Faxuty | ‘The Content Machine’, Streamer & Content Creator | #FaZeFaxuty

Faxuty’s passion for content creating feeds his insatiable desire to entertain and motivates him to keep grinding not only for himself but for the people who believe in him. Fax prides himself in his unwavering work ethic, which he gained through his early experience growing up in a family of ten and learning from his father’s relentless hard-working mentality. Faxuty has established himself as a standout in this year’s FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge with a burning passion for entertaining and an intrinsic, unmatched energy that is felt massively within his viewers.

Some of his biggest ambitions in life include: working so hard he never has to worry about financial issues; getting his 100k YouTube plaque and surpassing millions of followers across social media to motivate those who support him; taking his content to the next level with FaZe Clan; and eventually settling down, happily marrying, and starting a family.

The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 9





Avori | Streamer/Content Creator, Model, & Professional Gamer| #FaZeAvori

Avori is a wonderful example of what both this year’s #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge and The Voices of FaZe 5 is all about—variety. Her unique blend of attributes and life experience brings a fresh perspective to FaZe 5 as a streamer, content creator, model, and woman in the professional gaming sphere. Avori made the choice three years ago to walk away from the prestigious stage of the Miss America pageant to fulfill her true calling as a gamer, inspiring other women to fight the misogyny and stereotypes in the gaming community and other male dominated industries. She has walked proudly in that journey ever since, even competing on stage with Shroud and Dr. Disrespect only three months in as a full-time gamer. Avori also started the first ever all-women’s PUBG tournament and is the owner of her own clothing line: Styles By Avori.

Some of her ambitions in life include getting signed to a major modeling agency, raising over $50,000 for cancer research (currently at $10,000), and joining FaZe for gaming.

The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 10






Rad Studios| Swedish Graphic Designer| #FaZeRad

Grind. Hustle. Work Ethic. These words represent the very fabric to which 20-year-old graphic designer from Sweden, Rad Studios is based on. His tenacious mindset to constantly improve his craft has earned him the privilege to work with some well-known YouTubers, influencers, and even the FaZe Clan. Rad started graphic designing around the age of 14 after experimenting with a demo version of Photoshop on his mom’s computer. He has since blossomed into a talented self-taught graphic designer, and looks to inspire and prove to people that you don’t have to be a gamer to make it into an organization like FaZe.

Rad Studios looks to continue the late-night grind for the top 💯.

He also strives to provide for his family, inspire other designers, and prove to people that you can be successful even if you’re from a bad area or if you grew up in bad households.

Rad Studios
The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 11



Jay Tee| 19-Year-Old Content Creator| #FaZeJayTee

Justin, or Jay Tee, is a 19-year-old full-time university student from Canada currently in the early stages of his content-creating journey. His passion for YouTube and gaming since the age of 5 has led the young Canadian to pursue his childhood dream of making gaming videos for the world to enjoy and competing in the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge with other like-minded content creators. Jay Tee has drawn inspiration from many of the FaZe guys, including FaZe Jev, Adapt, Kay, and Jarvis along with the popular YouTuber Demolition Ranch. Justin is also motivated to prove to his doubtful and unsupportive parents that his passion for gaming can lead to a successful career.

Some of Jay Tee’s other goals in life include becoming a full-time content creator, making his family and friends proud, and making it into FaZe.

Jay Tee
The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 12



L3WG | Streamer & Content Creator | #FaZeL3WG

Eat. Sleep. Make Content. Repeat.

That is the formula that makes up the United Kingdom’s own, L3WG. As a model of consistency and hard work, Lewis—or L3WG—prides himself on his unique content, daily uploads on all platforms, and high energy. His passion for gaming has led to one specific goal ever since the first day he picked up a controller to make content ten years ago: join FaZe. Lewis’s extreme passion for his online community is another driving force for him, as well as the need to simply be yourself, without feeling the need to follow “the norm.”

Among his other ambitions in life include being one of the biggest content creators in the world, inspiring and uplifting others, and being successful enough to change not only his life, but others’ as well.

The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 13





AlohaMyy | Polynesian Streamer & Content Creator | #FaZeAloha

AlohaMyy is a proud Samoan/Polynesian from American Samoa currently residing in the islands of Honolulu, Hawaii. His passion for gaming and streaming has embedded within him a grind that started well before the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge as evidenced by his ongoing 124-days-straight streaming streak, which he’s maintained while working a full-time job in construction. He started streaming around three-and-a-half years ago and was able to amass over 60,000 followers on Mixer before its untimely demise back in July. With the support of his loyal Aloha fam, he has since managed to successfully resurface on Twitch and continue to proudly represent his Polynesian culture. #Uso4Life

Outside of ‘The Voices of FaZe 5,’ you can also expect to one day catch him on the hit four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice.” He’ll be in the audience. All jokes aside, he’s known to bust out some pretty good melodic vocals in his streams, and hopes to one day take singing to the next level. 

The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 4) 14



One of his Among Us singing videos, which have been big hits on Tik Tok:

And that does it for this edition of ‘The Voices of FaZe 5.’ Best of luck to all participants with the rest of their FaZe 5 journey and beyond. To hear other passionate voices in this series, click the links below:

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