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The Video Game Theme Parks We’d Like To See

Theme parks are exceptional places of creativity where you physically step into worlds you may have only read, watched, and dreamed of before. While there are parks devoted to movies, television shows, and even some board games, we can certainly all agree that we could use some more theme parks based on some of our favorite video games. There’s nothing quite like being able to walk into a game setting you love, and today we’ll be exploring the top five video games of which we’d love to explore theme park reconstructions. 

Theme Parks
The Video Game Theme Parks We’d Like To See 7

Number 5

In fifth place is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockoutfrom Mediatonic. Picture this: you walk into a park where the admission price gets you a padded, Fall Guys-inspired suit to wear. You suit up and adventure your way through a series of obstacle courses, all of which are realistic versions of levels in the game. If you’re the last player standing, you have your pick of either a golden crown to wear or a stuffed crown plushie.

There could be miniaturized versions for small children and more intense courses for anyone reaching a certain height requirement (for safety, but also to make the levels playable for every participant). If done properly, a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout theme park could be the “ultimate” place to have a great time, bring out your competitive side, and maybe even win a prize. 

Theme Parks
Courtesy of Mediatonic

Number 4

Coming in at number four is Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor from Monolith Productions. The visuals of Shadow of Mordor take the player through many fantastical places within its Middle-earth landscape, and the game’s gameplay brings the player deeper into many aspects of this new and exciting world.

The ideal theme park for this game would be a series of roller coasters and rides which recreate the immersive Middle-earth experience. If this theme park were ever to come to fruition, it would hopefully be the first of many Middle-earth themed adventures taking park-goers straight into the adventure of Middle-earth. 

Theme Parks
Courtesy of Monolith Productions

Number 3

In third place is Little Nightmaresfrom Tarsier Studios. Little Nightmares would be equally well-represented as either a roller coaster which carries you through sections of the game or as a live adventure where you run through sections of a park shrouded in the mysteries and terrors of the game. Horror theme parks aren’t an abundant creation, but if done well, a park sending you through the mysteries of Little Nightmares would leave you wanting more after you made it through. 

Theme Parks
Courtesy of Tarsier Studios

Number 2

In second place is Super Mario Party from Nintendo. Yes, there is already a Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, and yes, it is awesome. The next step for Nintendo should be a Super Mario Party park where you get to play through the Super Mario Party games with your friends. Let’s be honest: we’ve all gotten a bit competitive with our friends when playing through the mini games and challenges of Super Mario Party, and we would all benefit from the healthy competition of seeing how we fare with those challenges in real life.

With potential for a lazy river carrying you around the park attractions in place of the rowing challenge and so many mini games that would be hilarious in real life, a Super Mario Party theme park would be ideal for anyone who wants to test their skills and have a blast in a competitive environment they’ve only ever seen on screen before. 

Theme Parks
Courtesy of Nintendo

Number 1

And coming in at number one is the entirety of the Pokemonfranchise. I’ve spoken before about the once-upon-a-time PokePark traveling Pokemon theme park  last in operation in 2005. To be completely honest, I’m quite bummed I missed out on PokePark, and I and everyone else who loves Pokemon need a park where we can interact with the world we’ve only loved so far in video games. Whether it’d be an interactive park which simulates an experience similar to Pokemon Go or a series of rides themed around Pokemon, a Pokemon park would be incredible. Nintendo, if you’re reading this, please make this park a thing! 

Theme Parks
Courtesy of Nintendo

There’s such an open market right now for video game theme parks, and any of these games would make for amazing places to explore in-person. Who knows if any of these will actually become theme parks in the future, but for now, we can all dream of the day when we can walk into our favorite video game adventure. 

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