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The Video Game Study Lounge: Chill Beats & Video Game Music

Today’s forecast is some lo-fi tunes and a high chance of good vibes.

Video Game Study
Courtesy of GameChops

If you’re a fan of lo-fi beats or just a music enthusiast in general like I am, you’ll appreciate a certain YouTube channel I’m about to put you up to. There’s a godsend of a channel that streams chill video game beats 24/7.

From the creators of the video game record label, GameChops comes the “Video Game Study Lounge,” a gold mine and national treasure to video game fans. The lounge is an endless playlist of the most memorable and groovy video game soundtracks remixed to perfection. With a lot of TLC and creative, melodic ingenuity, every track is specially produced with chill vibes. The stream was created with focus and concentration at its center to help ease the mind and foster a relaxing experience.

A delightful lo-fi rendition of Dearly Beloved by the legend and leader of GameChops DJ Cutman plays as I type this, and I sign off urging you to step into the lounge at your earliest convenience. You can ease your mind as you study, work with some accompaniment, or just simply listen to some awesome tunes.

In conclusion, game music is good music.

About GameChops

GameChops is a record label dedicated to video game music founded by Dj Cutman in 2012. The label publishes remixes, cover songs, and remakes of the best video game music out there. They work with artists around the world to promote the art of video game music and were one of the first record labels to license and publish video game music to major platforms.

Check them out!

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