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The Two Sides of Fortnite

As I have written about oh so many times throughout my articles, I love Fortnite, and even though I do not play it as much as I used to, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Fortnite was a pretty well-liked game, so it was a little hard to find a co-writer who disliked it. Then I found Jarrod. To start, he will give his reasoning for why he doesn’t like the game and then I will bust in with why I think Fortnite belongs in the gaming hall of fame.

Two Sides of Fortnite
The Two Sides of Fortnite 4

Why I don’t like Fortnite

Jarrod Castillo

Before I start my diatribe on why I don’t like Fortnite, I just want it to be known that when the original Battle Royale mode dropped, I was part of that first group of people to play it in mid-to-late 2017. I remember my friend Gerrel and me dropping in somewhere between “Pleasant Park” and “Loot Lake” then making our way to “Dusty Depot” where we’d eventually get mowed down by a rocket launcher or an assault rifle.

We stayed away from the corners of the map – looking at you, “Moisty Mire,” – and typically hugged the rock formations so that we had cover when people tagged us. We’d build cover but almost immediately, that got destroyed by players who would have built a 10-story building in seconds. 

That’s ultimately why I don’t like Fortnite: the players are too sweaty, i.e. too tryhard; the game is too frenetic, which is weird to say; and the learning curve and competition is incredibly steep for players who play another game. Those aren’t necessarily game-breaking by any means, but for a player like me who plays different games, it’s not really a recipe to keep me playing. 

Courtesy of Epic Games

For example with point one, when we first started playing Fortnite, the skill levels were generally even across the board, which makes sense since the game just came out. As stated earlier, I’m a jack-of-all-trades-type of gamer; I don’t like to limit myself in the type of games I play. That said, after a few days/weeks of not playing, all of a sudden, I was seeing players build incredibly durable towers in seconds after getting tagged and doing all these different moves to get the upper hand in combat, making it almost impossible to compete. 

Secondly, going off the first point, watching the player that killed me build things seemingly by frantically pointing and clicking their cursor at something on screen is just confusing. I understand that some games have a rule of verticality, but that freneticism was really off-putting. Seeing people get a kill then sit on top of their tower the entire game just wasn’t fun for me. 

Lastly, if you stepped away from the game for an extended period of time, chances are you’re going to get decimated by sweaty and frenetic players. If you tried to get back into it – believe me, I tried – you’re more than likely to get swamped by players on top of their iron towers and wooden barricades with their sniper rifles and what have you.

At the end of the day, it’s just not fun to play against uber-competitive and ultra-frenzied players who will continually pound you into the ground. I think that’s ultimately why I don’t like Fortnite: it made me not want to play video games and it just wasn’t fun. I’m not saying Fornite is a bad game by any means, I’m merely saying that it isn’t for me

That’s why I eventually just stuck with PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds. The games weren’t as tryhard and I could actually enjoy the game with my friends and have fun. That’s the objective of any video game: to have fun. Fortnite wasn’t fun for me and hence, why I don’t like it.

Why I liked Fortnite

Joseph Endler

As I have said before in other articles. I absolutely love Fortnite. In college, I had sort of stopped playing video games altogether, mostly because of lack of time and, you know, just other college stuff. But this all changed when Fortnite first started becoming popular. I remember my first game, I stayed hidden almost all the way through and ended up getting second place without even getting a kill. That might sound boring to you, but for me, it felt like I was in the Hunger Games the entire time. After my first game, I was hooked. My friends and I started playing the game almost every day. It became our traditional pregame before heading out.

Obviously Fortnite was not the first Battle Royale game to come out to the public, but in my opinion, it was the first one to really grab the entire gaming community’s attention. Part of this was because of its fun “last one standing” mentality, but that has been around in other games. The reason I believe this game globbed on to the gaming world like a sponge is because of the following.

The world of Fortnite does a great job keeping the game exciting and heart-pumping, but at the same time, making players feel like they are in a cartoonish/kid-friendly type of environment. Of course there were sweats, as there are sweats in every game, but they almost made me less mad than normal because I could never take Fortnite seriously enough to care. How can you be mad when the enemy who just killed you looks like John Wick?

John Wick Fortnite
Courtesy of Epic Games

Another reason I really liked Fortnite was due to its consistent upload schedule and map changes. In Fortnite the updates come out almost every Thursday. Some updates were minor and just added little things around the map but some were crazy and would change the way the map was formatted and how players had to play the game. Having pretty much a new map every couple months and stuff added to the old map every week kept the game fresh and exciting. This is not to exclude some bad additions to the Fortnite world, but on average, each season brought with it a whole new positive experience to Fortnite that in my opinion no game has been able to do before.

The game is also great at listening to players. If an item was added that totally broke the game, the developers would be quick to either take it out of the game entirely or nerf it a little to make it more fair. I was always surprised on how quickly things would get fixed, and as a player, I really appreciated it.

I can’t say I play Fortnite as much as I did back in college, but what I can say is that it is extremely impressive that Fortnite still has so many loyal fans and players since it has been literally years since the game first came out. I can’t think of many other games whose developers still put in this much effort to a game that came out this long ago.

Love it or hate it, at the end of the day Fortnite is a game which deserves to be in some sort of hall of fame simply because of the way it paved a path for other Battle Royales such as Warzone and Apex Legends. It might not be as popular as it once was, but Fortnite deserves to go out with some dignity, and I hope that is what happens in the end.

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