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The Two Sides of Fall Guys

I would honestly have to say that the most fun I had playing video games this year was posting up on my couch, grabbing a couple terrible light beers and putting Fall Guys up on my big projector. This was why I was super disappointed when Fall Guys sort of faded from relevance and Among Us took over. For this article, my boy Erik is going to be talking about why he wasn’t the biggest fan of this colorful game and then I will be going in with why I loved it so much. Let’s get into it.

The Two Sides of Fall Guys
The Two Sides of Fall Guys 4

Why I did not like Fall Guys

Erik Ruof

It’s hard to criticize Fall Guys without being told that “it’s because you suck.” Around August 2020, I accepted the Wipeout Battle Royale with open arms and tried to love it. I really tried. I collected my crowns and gave my clumsy pill creature a hot dog costume and still felt nothing. Everytime I play, it stresses me out to control drunken tic-tacs with bad motor functions. And it’s not the good kind of stress you get with the conventional battle royale games, it’s more like simulating the feeling of anger I get waiting in traffic because someone else was being an idiot.

The premise of Fall Guys is meant to be like a competitive game show with different obstacles, but it’s mostly just pushing people out of your way. There are a lot of “crabs in a bucket” scenarios in which nobody can get through a door or stay on a platform. The game is very on-brand given that there is a lot of falling: falling down, falling off, and falling into a deep depression.

falling guys
Courtesy of Mediatonic

Since the developers weren’t prepared for the sudden popularity of the game, the controls remained clunky and portions of the game felt glitchy. New features weren’t added fast enough to keep my attention and I kept getting bored with the rotation of the same mini games. I felt like having to play most of the mini games made me give a sigh at the loading screen. In my opinion, most of the mini games didn’t require much skill outside of Slime Climb, Roll Out, and the final round obstacles. Everything else feels like you can just follow the crowd to get through and get lucky with doors and flying objects. Follow the crowd to stand on the right fruit for Perfect Match, get through the right door in Door Dash, and walk on the right tiles in Tip Toe.

I absolutely hate the team games the most. Tail Tag is easily my least favorite because the grabbing felt inconsistent. Someone will grab my tail from three feet away and then I just hug a guy’s butt instead of pluck off that furry tail. It’s the same with Egg Scramble: I’ll pick up an egg and throw it away upon getting smacked. I still don’t understand Jinxed. Do you just have to not get cooties? I always seemed to win that game even though everybody tells me it’s pretty hard and I don’t know why. Hoopsie Daisy is the only team game I get a little excited about because it’s one where you can work well independently of your team.

I have seen the updated arenas and themes that have come out after the popularity of Fall Guys dwindled and I admit that the medieval stages look pretty fun. But then I’m reminded of how quickly I get bored of it all, how tired I am of trolls pushing me off to fill the hole in their own self-esteem, and how I just don’t like playing as those ovular nincompoops. Their muffled language sounds like Kenny from South Park and I wish that they, just like Kenny, could also die in a million different ways.

Why I liked Fall Guys

Joseph Endler

I am going to start off my part by saying that I think it is BS that this game lost popularity so quickly. There are some reasons why this happened, such as not enough updates and a pretty repetitive structure to the game as a whole. That being said, these flaws do not make the game deserve the quick loss of players it saw.

The game is so simple, which is a huge part of the reason it is so fun. Being able to play these colorful and fun levels over and over again allows you to get better at them quickly and show off your skills to get that lovely crown.

Fall Guys
Courtesy of Mediatonic

I also think the premise of this game is genius. They made an attractive game world, put some really fun minigames in it, and let players go wild. The game also came out at the perfect time, as the entire gaming world was still going crazy over battle royales.

The game is also just a feel-good experience. I found it nice to go into a battle royale game where I didn’t have to brutally murder other players. It was nice to just be able to give them a little push off the map, or simply qualify before them. The game also came out at a great time in that it was the middle of quarantine, and its colorful environment gave people a nice break from the harsh realities of the real world.

I have a lot of faith that the game can make a rise back in popularity. The developers seem to have put in a ton of work for the newest season and before that had already added in a ton of new levels since the last time most people played. I think if people just hear that the game has had a little comeback, a ton of players will jump back on and try out their luck again after not having played for a while. The social media for the game can also help with this a lot. The twitter page over the last couple months has shown to be hilarious and fourth wall breaking.

I will fight for this game till the end, and I honestly believe it even has the potential to be one of those games with a dip in popularity which learns from its mistakes and comes back even stronger. I will just have to wait and see if my hypothesis ends up coming true. If you like what i had to say about the game and agree with the points I made, make sure to go back and redownload Fall Guys if you have not already. Let us together show the world that we love this colorful little game.

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