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The Two Sides of Among Us

In 2020, Among Us took the world by storm. It seemed everyone was playing this game and loving it. I have to admit though, I was not the biggest fan of the game, at least compared to everyone else. It wasn’t hard to find a member of my team that was obsessed with the game, so he will be pleading his case on why he loved this game and I will follow with why I did not like it as much. Let’s get into it.

Among US Two Sides 1
The Two Sides of Among Us 2

Why I liked Among Us

Izzy Salant

Argument pieces are hard to write sometimes, because even if the argument is solid and unequivocally sound, if the introduction is flat, people won’t read it. In fact, people may think you’ve lost the argument just on the tone of your voice, so while I respect Joseph as a writer, and am happy to work alongside him, please pretend you’re reading his argument in a very loud whiny voice so that I win the argument by default.

If you don’t buy that, then I’ll actually make an argument for why Among Us is a great game.

There’s a certain art in creating games that are simple to understand and play, yet so immensely fun that you come back to it over and over, potentially forgoing real-life friendships to make more time to play them. Among Us is one of those games. The simplicity of its gameplay makes falling into it that much easier, meaning after a few rounds of becoming familiar with the controls and maps, the competitive playing field becomes very level, matched only by people’s IRL ability to lie and manipulate, or use deductive reasoning.

While I am always impressed by those who are highly skilled at difficult to master games with many mechanics, such as COD or League, there’s something to be noted for being able to play an online game and not be completely demolished by someone who’s been playing it for years. In other words, for the most part, Among Us gives everyone a fair shot.

Among Us is also brilliant in the sense of accomplishment it provides to players. Whether the crewmates successfully net a task win, or the imposter is able to end the game with a winning sabotage, each game feels like there’s something in it for everyone. There’s a genuine feeling for happiness when I’m able to figure out an imposter that’s been alluding me the whole game (like Rachel,) or a pure expression of satisfaction when I’ve made the final kill to end the match as an imposter myself. Plus, the matches are short, meaning you not only can play the game multiple times in an easy sitting, but this sense of accomplishment keeps coming.

On the topics of crewmates and imposters, Among Us does something that very few online multiplayer games of its type are able to do, save for Dead by Daylight: it’s fun to play as both the imposter and as a crewmate. There are things to do for both roles, and neither feels like you’re not getting a good game experience. Yes, being the imposter is an immense amount of fun, there is no denying that, but regardless of role, every game I play is fun.

That’s my final argument, the game is just overall fun. I’m aware of how subjective that sounds, and the fact that Joseph is about to say what he doesn’t like about the game proves that, but a game doesn’t just rise in popularity, taking the world by storm, just because it exists. Of course, the world’s circumstances allowed the game to shine, and rightfully so, but if the game was bad and unenjoyable, it wouldn’t still be played. There are hundreds of online mafia-style RPGs on the internet, yet Among Us surpassed them all.

I love this game so much I got it on my phone for free, and on steam for five bucks, and then again on Switch for another $5, that’s how much I enjoy this game. So, thank you Innersloth, and I hope to play again soon.

Why I don’t like Among Us

Joseph Endler

Listen, first off, I just want to get one thing clear. I by no means hate Among Us. In fact, I have had a ton of fun playing with my friends a couple times over the last months. I just feel that I never got into it as much as everyone else did. There were a couple reasons for this.

I have only ever played on my phone, and some of you right off the bat may be like, “well Joey, that is why you don’t like the game.” To that, I say give me a break. Any version of the game on any platform should hold up to the standards of the original platform. On the phone, you are only able to play on one map. That being said, it is a free game, but still only one map is ridiculous. This map is fun to play at the start, but after only a couple of games, I was so bored of running around this tiny map pretty much waiting to die.

Don’t even get me started on the tasks. I understand that the game on other platforms has more tasks than the phone version, but again go back to my previous point: you judge a game on its worst-performing version. For Among Us, this just so happens to be the phone version of the game. The tasks are either super easy and boring and take no skill to do or they are super hard, and you end up struggling with the task until you eventually get murdered. I was tired of the tasks by the third time I played and pretty much had no interest to play on after that unless I was the imposter.

This brings me to another point. So many people will just leave the game if they don’t get imposter. You spend all this time waiting to get a full game only for sometimes half the lobby to just leave because they only want to be impostors. It is so stupid.

Chatting with other players on the phone version is also super hard. It takes a while to type out what you want to say and most of the time by the time you get your thoughts out the topic has moved on. I was once accused of being the imposter and typed out this whole reasoning for how it could not have been me, and by the time I sent it, so many other people were chatting that my message went unseen by the whole group. I ended up being kicked off the ship when I was innocent, and from then on, I just could not play much more of the game. It was too annoying.

All and all, I can see why people love this game. I guess I may be a little salty towards Among Us, because it took all the attention from my favorite game of the year, Fall Guys. But still, even if it did not push Fall Guys out of the spotlight, I just do not see myself ever being a huge fan of this game. Yes, it was fun for a couple rounds, but I know people who have put literally over 100 hours into this game. I could just never see myself doing that. But hey, all the matters in the video game world is the player’s enjoyment, and if you are enjoying playing this boring game for some reason, who am I to tell you not to.

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