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The True Cost Of Being A Gamer

When you first start getting into gaming, you’ll quickly learn there are some hidden costs. Sure, there’s the general cost of purchasing games and gear, but there are plenty of costs that aren’t necessarily monetary in nature. It’s best to keep an eye out for these hidden costs before they sneak up on you, so today, we’ll be walking through the true cost of being a gamer. 

The True Cost Of Being A Gamer 6

The first and clearest cost you’ll come across is the actual monetary cost of keeping up a gaming hobby. With costs for consoles and devices, game prices, and purchasing any and all equipment for your gaming space, the actual price of gaming can add up pretty quickly. To stay on top of this cost, it’s best to have a specific budget built-in for gaming accessories, games, and everything else you could need. We all know the value of a good budget, and it’s as helpful in gaming as it is for every other aspect of finances. 

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A more secretive cost, though one that’s equally important, is any health-related cost which can accumulate over time when you get really into gaming. Being an avid gamer generally means you end up spending a lot of time sitting, potentially hunched over in a less-than-healthy position. These physical costs can end up leading to horrible back problems and expensive hospital bills later on down the road. Save yourself from this eventual cost and save space in your budget for a good chair and potentially even a standing desk to save you from being in a seated position for hours at a time. 

Courtesy of WellSteps

The cost of productivity is one that will definitely sneak up on you if you don’t keep an eye out for it. We all know the joy of getting so into a game that 10 hours fly by before you even realize it. There’s nothing wrong with immersing yourself in games, but balance is key to make sure you’re enjoying gaming without letting them take over everything else.

If you don’t stay sharp, gaming can start eating away at your time and make it difficult to get anything else done. Finding whatever works for you, whether it’s setting alarms to stop at a certain time or only gaming on specific days, is crucial to make sure you’re not sacrificing anything else in life for gaming. 

Courtesy of Ben Mulholland on Medium

One of the most emotionally hard-hitting costs is one that won’t affect everyone, but if it’s a risk for you, it’s one to keep top of mind. This secret cost is the toll gaming can have on your relationships. Gaming can cut into your relationships time just as much as your work time, and if you’re not careful, you could end up neglecting your relationships and potentially losing friends and loved ones. That’s a bit extreme, but if you want to avoid the possibility and make sure your relationships remain a priority, make sure you’re aware of just how much time you’re spending gaming. 

Courtesy of Adobe Stock/wooster

These costs of gaming may change from person to person, but the level of risk is universal. Whatever the costs may be for you, the best way to stay proactive is to keep them top of mind,  even if it means spending less time gaming. Gaming is amazing— no doubt about that— but it’s better when part of a healthy, balanced life.

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