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The Top Five Best Resources For Game Recommendations

We’ve all been there; you just finished up your latest game, and you’re sitting there, staring at the ending credits, wondering what in the world you will fill your gaming time with now. Wondering what game to play next can be just as exhausting as scrolling through Netflix, but have no fear, I am here to help. Read along for the top five best resources out there which will help you pick a new game to play to constantly keep your gaming schedule full and exciting. 

The Top Five Best Resources For Game Recommendations 7

Coming in at number five is the always fun and mostly helpful option of taking a quiz online. Not all internet quizzes are made equal, so take what they recommend with a grain of salt, but if you’re unsure what to play next, search for quizzes to take. I recently took a quiz on called ‘Which Video Game Should You Play Next?’ by Talin Vartanian, and it ended up recommending that I play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which is actually a game I have been interested in for a while, so it ended up being a pretty accurate quiz.

Video game recs
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In fourth place is a stellar game recommendation generator from The Quantic Lab at I tested out the generator by typing in three games from wildly different genres of gaming, and it came back with a long list consisting of both games that I have played and loved and games that I had never heard of before. It has customizable settings to control which company and console it pulls from, and to choose games from super popular lists, niche genres, or a mix of the two. There were a few games it suggested I don’t have much of an interest in, but for the most part, it gave me a lot of really great suggestions. 

Quantic Foundry
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Coming in for number three is the always-exciting option of looking at random lists of games. At, you can do just that, with the Random Video Games list. You can choose how many games you want to see and rerun the program over and over again for a new list of games each time. It is a little bit of a mixed bag since it doesn’t take your preferences into account, but it is a great way to shake things up and give you gaming recommendations you might not have come across without it. 

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In second place is the popular games list on Steam. Sometimes all you really want is to play a game you know is going to be super enjoyable, and when you’re in the mood for something proven to be excellent, lists of games recommended by lots of other gamers work very well. This is where the Steam recommendations list comes in handy. You can always change it up by searching for different pricing options and games in specific genres, but overall, Steam is a great way to find games you know are going to be fun.

Image courtesy of Steam

In first place is the ever-popular Reddit. There is something on Reddit for everyone, and if you’re looking for recommendations, typing ‘game recommendations’ into Reddit can get you a multitude of options from people all across the world. I have found discussions of some of my favorites games on Reddit which lead to recommendations on games that are similar to those that I love. Since Redditors are known for being a bit zany, I always know that, at the very least, the recommendations will be interesting. 

Courtesy of Reddit

These are all excellent options for finding game recommendations, but remember, the only thing that’s important is whether a list works for you. If you have a very specific niche in gaming you like to play in, an option that fully takes your opinion into account is the way to go, but if you love a surprise and don’t care too much about the category of the game, the random list option will be a thrill for you. I ranked these in the order they fit in for me, and that could absolutely be different for you; all that matters is that you find games you enjoy, no matter which search option you choose. 

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