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The Top 6 Iconic Games That Stand The Test Of Time

There are many great games out there, and if you asked several gamers what they loved to play, you’d get a mix ranging from classic games to more recent options. The truth of the matter is, the quality of a game doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with when it came out. There are certain qualities that make a game excellent which are equally as present in 2020 games as they are in ‘90s games. To understand some of the best games to stand the test of time, let’s take a look at the top six forever games which will stay amazing no matter when they graced our gaming screens. 

The Top 6 Iconic Games That Stand The Test Of Time
The Top 6 Iconic Games That Stand The Test Of Time 8

Number 6

In sixth place is the always iconic World of Warcraft. In one expansion after another, WoW has offered every gamer an open world of possibilities. With options for questing adventures, a diverse population you can meet in-game, and an endless expanse of land to explore, WoW boasts an unparalleled longtime excellence. What’s more, the overall acceptance of any and all gamers into the world of WoW is pretty neat, too. WoW will forever remain a game that never grows old; it only gains more XP.

Iconic Games
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Number 5

Coming in at number five is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are plenty of would-be contenders on this list from the Zeldaseries, but Breath of the Wild claims the spot by being both true to the Zeldaheart and an absolute testament to the care which has gone into all of the Zeldagames through the years. This game is not only an amazing space of exploration and endless discoveries, it’s also a love letter to everything that has gone into the Zeldaadventures over the years. If you were going to pick just one of the Zelda games to play, this would be it. 

Iconic Games
Courtesy of Nintendo

Number 4

In the fourth spot is Until Dawn, which may well be the most controversial game on this list. Until Dawn may not be the best horror game ever, but it is one of the most unique horror games. It blends the line by being a horror game and a slasher film. I’ve experienced many horror games since Until Dawn, and while I’ve enjoyed all of them, Until Dawn sticks with me the most, and presumably will forever. It’s not only a forever icon of horror games; it defines the entire genre.

Iconic Games
Courtesy of PlayStation

Number 3

In third place is the legendary League of Legends. There’s a reason this game is referred to across the gaming world as simply League. From its unique competitive structure to its free-to-play environment and accessibility to players of any skill level, League of Legends will forever be in a league of its own. To be completely transparent, I’m writing this as someone who has barely played League (I’ve only played as someone else’s character, and very briefly), and even I know that this game will never go out of style. 

Iconic Games
Courtesy of Riot Games

Number 2

Coming in at second place is Super Mario World. While you could make the argument that any Super Mario game belongs on this list, the 1990 classic takes the cake for being the most iconic of the collection. Super Mario World showcases the Mushroom Kingdom and all Mario’s friends and enemies while giving the player everything they could ever want in a Super Mario game. You can’t go wrong with anything from Super Mario, but if you want to get everything right, Super Mario World is the way to go. 

Iconic Games
Courtesy of Nintendo

Number 1

And coming in at number one is the all-time classic, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. There’s no video game that captures the heart of tabletop DND quite like Baldur’s. The magic of Shadows of Amn is that it takes the best of DND and translates it into a video game that keeps you engaged and excited for what comes next. There are plenty of great role-playing games out there, but Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn will always hold a place in the gaming hall of fame for being one of the best games to represent tabletop DND. 

Iconic Games
Courtesy of Pierre Gohin on Youtube

There are so many games out there that we as a gaming community will play over and over again. While it’s difficult to pick just six, these six games represent the best of the gaming world. 

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