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The Top 5 Lazy Day Games For When You Don’t Want To Work

There are some days when you just don’t want to do anything that requires work, and that’s perfectly alright. Honestly, lazy days are kind of the backbone of society: we all need rest from time to time. That being said, even on the laziest of days, it can be nice to have something relaxing to do, and video games are the perfect way to stay chilled out and get your brain just a wee bit engaged. To fuel your lazy days, here are the top five games to play when you don’t want to work, but still want a little something to do. 

The Top 5 Lazy Day Games For When You Don’t Want To Work
The Top 5 Lazy Day Games For When You Don’t Want To Work 7

Number 5

Coming in at number five is a game that won’t take much focus at all, and will give you a nice mental break from life. Untitled Goose Game from House House is a rollicking adventure of tormenting a small village as a goose. You can run around, honking at villagers, stealing items, and being an all-around goosey menace. There are some objectives to complete as you move through the game, but overall this is a free-flowing game that takes little to no effort and will give you lots of entertainment with very low expectations for action. 

Lazy Day
Courtesy of House House

Number 4

In the fourth spot is Eufloria from Omni Systems Limited. The calming visuals of this game make it relaxing and great for a lazy day. The strategy-based play makes this game perfect for anyone looking to be lazy but still exercise their mind just a little bit. If you want to stay sharp and sink into a soothing strategy based game, Eufloria will be perfect for you. 

Lazy Day
Courtesy of Omni Systems Limited

Number 3

Coming in at number three is a game to let you gently drift away in a breeze of relaxation. Relaxing Kite from LUXO Interactive is truly exactly what the name of the game says it is. You play a character who’s simply flying a kite in a steady breeze. The visuals are chill and easy to get lost in, the kite is quite manageable, and everything about this game is as easy as can be. If your ideal lazy game requires no strategy and only a bit of attention, this is the game for you.

Lazy Day
Courtesy of LUXO Interactive

Number 2

In second place is a peaceful game with an objective that takes little concentration to achieve. Cloud Gardens from Noio will have you nurturing your gardening skills as you use plants to take over and rehabilitate abandoned wasteland spaces. This game will give you just a little bit of room for concentration as you figure out where to start your plants for optimum growth, but overall, it’s very relaxing, and there’s not much thought involved in your objectives. If you’d like to peacefully cover the world in plants and flowers, Cloud Gardens will be perfect for your lazy day.

Lazy Day
Courtesy of Noio

Number 1

And coming in at number one is Abzu from Giant Squid Studios. Abzu is a stunning underwater adventure where you get to enjoy the peaceful life of a diver. Abzu is designed to give you a relaxing underwater experience with no specific objectives and endless ocean spaces to explore. This game gives you complete freedom to explore as much as you want to at any given time. With a stunning soundtrack, boundless visuals, and nothing much that needs to get done, Abzu is the ideal game for anyone who just wants to lazily make their way through a beautiful ocean adventure.

Lazy Day
Courtesy of Giant Squid Studios

There’s nothing better than finding a game you can zone out to when you want to have a lazy day. Any of these games will suit your next relaxing day perfectly. 

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