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The Top 10 Holiday Video Game Tunes

Holiday music and video games are some of the best things this world has to offer; what happens when you combine the two? Here are our favorite tracks to jam to in “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” (Warning, may contain spoilers!)

Courtesy of Square Enix

10. Buried in the Snow – Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII’s Buried in the Snow is a song that actually sounds like snow falling. It’s a gentle, curious, and somewhat withdrawn tune that really emphasizes the cold peace of the winter season as well as the sense of uncertainty surrounding the player party at this point in the game. This dainty and minimalistic tune is a perfect accent for a cozy, quiet atmosphere, especially mid-snowfall. 

9. Winter – Harvest Moon DS

If you played Harvest Moon DS back in the day, you may find this tune very nostalgic! Harvest Moon is a game where the passage of time and seasons tend to hit on an emotional level as the people and town change right before your eyes. The winter theme highlights the seasons’ incoming holiday festivities, but there are subtle hints in the music that remind you of how much time has passed and that the year is going to end soon. However, this song contains a beautiful piano rift that almost says “Look back and smile.”

8. Snowbelle City – Pokemon X and Y Versions

This beautiful leitmotif plays in the frost-covered Snowbelle City, which is also the location of the final Kalos Pokemon gym (An ice-type gym.) Snowbelle City, as its name suggests, is blanketed in snow and has a tranquil atmosphere. Its musical backdrop is heavily indicative of its elegance and hints at a sense of pride toward its status as “The city of everlasting winter.” An exquisite piece that celebrates the cold season, this theme song is a must-have on your holiday playlist.

7. Snowman – Mother / Earthbound Series

This song has appeared in many of the Mother / Earthbound games, most notably Earthbound Beginnings as the main theme of Snowman (Its namesake,) a wintry town home to one of the main playable characters, Ana. This song is also prominently featured in the Super Smash Bros. series as a song for stages from Mother / Earthbound. The Smash Bros. rendition of this song is calming, yet somber, as if trying to communicate the sense of cold the winter season brings. 

6. Snowy Fields – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Just the beginning of this song is enough to jolt you into the holiday spirit! This upbeat track plays in the Snowy Fields stage of Snow Land in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. A fun and joyful track, this is a song that truly exemplifies not only the seasonal cheer, but the greater, lighthearted mood seen throughout most Kirby games. Kick start your holidays to this uplifting piece!

5. Town Veiled in White – Octopath Traveler

This gorgeous track is a serene nod to the more muted aspects of winter, playing in the provincial town of Stillsnow. A town of quiet ambiance that identifies itself as a “humble village buried amidst the deep drifts,” this song really captures the modest beauty of this wintry setting. A slow yet vibrant track, this song is another great addition to a relaxing playlist that everyone can tune into.

4. Freezeezy Peak – Banjo-Kazooie

The Freezeezy Peak theme song remains a classic from the N64 days. This track is rife with cheer and a solid ode to the holidays, complementing the Christmassy world of Freezeezy Peak and its wonderful assortment of festive activities to indulge in. Both exuberant and nostalgic, this song will instantly brighten the mood. 

3. Shiveria Town – Super Mario Odyssey

You’re lying to yourself if this song doesn’t make you want to skip even a little. Reminiscent of subtle folk music and a blatant holiday liveliness, the theme of Shiveria Town is enough to make anyone smile. Perfect for the merriment of Christmas time, this cute, quality, and joyful track can and should be played everywhere!

2. Happy Holidays! – Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Let’s begin with the fact that this song is literally called “Happy Holidays!” with an exclamation point! It’s as if to say “Yes! Have a Happy Holiday! Enjoy! Spread the holiday cheer!” and that’s just what this song does. Considering this is supposed to be a battle theme, it’s one of the most upbeat and delightful Christmas-themed video game tracks. This song is also very hopeful in some ways (A hope to destroy all the Heartless?) which could possibly be a symbol of Sora and friends’ desire to save Christmas in the game. Well, this song itself just saved Christmas.

1. Snowflakes – Persona 4 Golden

The only vocal piece on this list, there’s a reason why many individuals cite Persona 4 Golden as a title that boasts one of the best soundtracks in gaming history. A bittersweet motif, this song plays in the main setting of Inaba during January and February. The song’s lyrics are a direct reference to the game’s impending conclusion, implying that the characters must say goodbye to one another, but even so, their bonds will remain strong. A heartfelt track that uplifts the idea of moving forward, this song’s sweet vocals and gentle instrumental backdrop are comforting, yet motivating. With such a meaningful message as we conclude this year (To everyone’s delight honestly,) this song is a top pick for the winter.

What are some of your favorite holiday video game songs? Comment below!

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