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The Stanley Parable Article

Stanley Parable wasn’t sure what to expect from an article with such a simple title. Clearly, the article was meant for him to read, but what was its purpose? Some grand scheme to show off a phenomenal narrative masterpiece? Or perhaps just the mad ravings of a lunatic on a niche game about choices and free will? Stanley wasn’t sure, but he’d learn nothing from just sitting there. He decided to read past the first paragraph. 

Stanley Parable
Courtesy of Galactic Cafe

The Stanley Parable is a highly interactive game made in the Unity Source engine by Galactic Cafe and released on July 31, 2011. The brainchild of Davey Wrenden and William Pugh (who later went on to help make this ridiculously long-titled game), The Stanley Parable has been updated and improved multiple times, going from what was originally a Half-Life 2 mod to a fully independent remake in 2013.

The mysterious Ultra Deluxe version is in the works, having been delayed from a 2019 release all the way to an unspecified 2021 release. Seriously, where is it? There’s been enough teasing and trailers on their website to promise something big, and I’m ready to sass the Narrator with Stanley once again. 

But the point remains – what isThe Stanley Parable? To all our dear readers— including my parents, who try their hardest to keep up whenever I go on a particularly inspired tangent about games— The Stanley Parable is a game where you’re allowed, and expected, to thwart the Narrator and entertain that little voice that asks, ‘what would happen if I did this instead?’ ‘What if I went the other way?’ ‘What if I interrupted his monologue and did this?’

It’s a game about the Player vs. The Narrator designed to mess with gamers’ heads and defy expectations when it comes to game interactivity as a whole. After all, if a Narrator is telling you what to do, and you just do it, are you really playing a game, or are you just following instructions? 

Stanley Parable
Courtesy of Galactic Cafe

With 19 unique endings all fleshed-out by voice actor Kevan Brighting as our Narrator, The Stanley Parable made quite the splash when it first debuted and stands the test of time for new players today. Will you follow the Narrator’s lead, making your way through the strange Mind-Control Facility towards the Freedom Ending, or will you split off for a trip to the Confusion Ending? Maybe you’ll persevere through the Games Ending to unlock the Art Ending and speak with the Essence of Divine Art?

Or maybe wall glitches and cheats are more your speed, in which case the Window Ending or the Serious Ending may entice you more. Have no idea what I’m talking about? The game is an experience, and I wouldn’t want to take it away from you, so please, check it out for yourself. Play how you want, and see what happens.

Stanley sat back in his chair. ‘What a great article,’ he thought to himself. ‘Truly, an excellent way to highlight a pivotal moment in gaming history for player choice, the concept of creators vs. their players, and the idea of fate and predestination.’ But what now? Should he leave a comment asking for more Stanley Parable articles or perhaps voicing his own thoughts on the narrative structures of modern gaming? Should he share the article with others to spread the word about this wonderful game? Or would that seem selfish and annoying, seeing as the article was about him in the first place? Stanley wasn’t sure, but the choice was his. What would he do? s The Stanley Parable Article

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