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The Overwatch League Will Continue Monthly Tournaments For 2021 Season

Fans of the Overwatch League can rejoice in the fact that the monthly tournament system is coming back for 2021. Blizzard will also be hosting some spirited offseason tournaments to keep fans entertained as well.

Overwatch League
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Vice president of the Overwatch League, John Spector, put out a YouTube video discussing new information about the league’s 2021 season. 

Following the success of their monthly system in 2020, the Overwatch League will continue running mid-season tournaments on a monthly basis in 2021, giving fans plenty of action to look forward to this upcoming season. The Overwatch League will also run offseason events, meant to be fun and not overly competitive. 

“Shock vs. The World” will take place in February, which will feature the back-to-back champions San Francisco Shock taking on “dream teams” of various pro players.

Overwatch League
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Spector also gave some insight on how the league will be structured in 2021, particularly in regards to the global pandemic. The OWL is set to start sometime during spring, as opposed to its usual start in February. The two region setup will also continue, mostly due to travel restrictions. Although last year the Overwatch League operated in North America and Asia, specific locations for 2021 are currently being looked at. 

The 2021 season will be a significant one for Blizzard and Overwatch. The company had grand plans for the Overwatch League, envisioning it as a truly global operation with teams traveling across the world to compete against each other. The pandemic has forced Blizzard to shelve those plans and completely shift gears, all while facing harsh community backlash.

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