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The newest trailer for “Firebase Z” has released

In preparation for the release of “Firebase Z” on Feb. 4, Treyarch has released a trailer for the upcoming map, showing what players can expect to find.

Firebase Z
Image courtesy of Treyarch

It is no secret that Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (BOCW) has failed to live up to the expectations. Whether it’s due to the many issues plaguing the game or the incredibly inconsistent matchmaking, BOCW’s life cycle has been rocky, to say the least. Couple that with the fact BOCW’s Zombies offering is barebones and the recipe is there for a disinterested fanbase.

However, Treyarch hopes the release of “Firebase Z,” the next map scheduled for BOCW will bring back some gamers that may have ditched the game because of the lack of content. 

From the jump, it appears that “Firebase Z” takes design cues from the campaign mission “Fractured Jaw,” as well as “Array,” a multiplayer map from the original Black Ops. In the video posted on Treyarch’s official YouTube channel, two characters – Samantha Maxis and Sergei Revenov – work together to uncover what Omega Group has started in the jungles of Vietnam. 

The video then fast forwards to Revenov welcoming Requiem Team, led by Grigori Weaver, where the team is soon almost overrun by Zombies. Needing a quick escape, the team jumps through a portal, where they are transported to a facility. 

ZrAlNv1bUiOOiDl1eqyblBzUYzaSQ2nuuGdhpwnp06Cz7iWQN5GrFUENzRIpEiwWGBe19GbOR0cbFjwdrvOnQc8yeAhC9N DsD5CVCjij4xVle8jK a73FNOdfAh0R5zVHHUQdbD
The satellite dish from the original Black Ops map “Array.” Screenshot courtesy of Treyarch

From there, numerous new Zombie types can be seen, including a Zombie with a glowing mouth that was featured in promotional photos. Also, Russian “Mangler Zombies,” initially found in Black Ops III, seem to be making a return along with a massive Zombie type that looks suspiciously similar to an “Elder God.”

Along with the introduction of new and old Zombie types on “Firebase Z,” the group also has to defend what appear to be Aetherium Crystals from Zombies, potentially as part of the upcoming Easter Egg to save Maxis. Additionally, a new weapon was shown, available from the Mystery Box. 

vL9q41r6sV5pvCu qpRZmCSaWV97ONIgDEphvAz5yXKp45iKXUPe7EwQPfhcWE bP0Us7Dtmm5UWsTHlTuU 2LiD0cIRO4tuo4UB8riSN9S6ekawAaL27DMXP2qOz9tunOiqgYQz
Talk about “frankensteining” something. Screenshot courtesy of Treyarch

The new weapon, seen above, appears to be a heavily-modified assault rifle based on the AK platform. The weapon can fire grenades/mines from the GP-25 grenade launcher attachment, and with a flick of a switch, can also fire superpowered bullets. It is interesting to note that the grenade/mines launched behave similarly to the Energy Mine field upgrade, albeit with a larger blast radius. 

Players can also seemingly launch off propulsion platforms to end up in different parts of the map. Akin to “Call of the Dead’s” flinger, this machine helps add a level of verticality not seen in “Die Maschine,” with players flying through the broken dish to eliminate Zombies. 

Lastly, there is a glimpse of “Tombstone Soda” along with the new scorestreak available on the map, Napalm. With these additions, eliminating Zombies should be more creative. 

Overall, the map is seemingly larger than “Die Maschine,” which is a welcome change. Giving players more freedom to explore and train Zombies is always welcomed, so, at least on that front, it appears that “Firebase Z” is off to a good start. 

Now, it remains to be seen if fan-favorite “Der Riese” will pop up in BOCW.

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