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The Most Vloggable Game Genres

Becoming a vlogger can be quite a leap of faith: you never know if people will want to watch your content, and it’s hard to know whether you’re really going to enjoy it before you start. One important thing to remember is as long as you’re enjoying it, it doesn’t really matter if other people are watching you; first and foremost, you should be doing it because you want to. That being said, if you’re looking for ways to make your streams easily viewable, there are some good tips and general tricks to take into account. Yes, you should just stream what you really like, but if you’re stuck between a few different options, this explainer of the most vloggable game genres will give you a boost in the right direction.

The Most Vloggable Game Genres
The Most Vloggable Game Genres 7

One of the most vloggable genres in video games is horror. A game vlog thrives off of a game which has you reacting to intense sequences and, in turn, giving the viewer those same reactions. In the same way we watch horror movies and often end up shouting at the actors about what they should do and where to run, we play horror games and naturally want to guide the characters on-screen. Not only will you be inspired to instruct your character, you’ll also end up with interactive fans who comment telling you which way to run and what you should do to outsmart the villains. In terms of engaging vlog potential, horror games are some of the best you can play.

Game Genres 2
Courtesy of Syfy Wire

Another entertaining genre for vloggers is action games, especially those which are speedrun-friendly. Action-packed speedruns are excellent for two reasons: reason number one is that they are easy to watch, and the speedy nature keeps your viewers entertained and hooked into the action; reason number two is that they are excellent introductions to games. From personal experience, I can say that a lot of people  are watching game vlogs because they want to learn about a game before they play it. For these viewers, speedruns are the best option because they are really efficient ways to get a lot of information about games. For these two reasons, you really can’t go wrong with vlogging speedruns of action games.

Game Genres 3
Courtesy of iGamesView

If you’re looking to vlog games which will be fun and easygoing, sandbox-style games will be perfect for you. Sandbox games give you the freedom to do pretty much whatever you would like to do and create anything that catches your attention. In terms of vloggable games which give you a lot of space for content, sandbox games are pretty perfect. There’s no real specific goal, so you can run along however you like, and your viewer engagement will skyrocket as your viewers help you out by giving suggestions.

Game Genres 4
Courtesy of TheSandboxGame

In the same vein of sandbox games, RPGs can be excellent games to vlog because they give you so many opportunities to explore. Many gamers online thrive in their abilities to switch up accents and character features throughout a game to keep their viewers engaged, and RPGs are a great place to practice this skill. Creating characters will literally have you acting as a specific character; basically, if you want freedom in how you play and want to stretch your creative muscles in portraying different characters, RPGs may be the best choice for you.

Game Genres 5
Courtesy of Pocket Gamer

Last but not least, mystery and puzzle-style games are always a good option for vlogging. There’s something so extremely engaging about a gamer playing something which keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch, constantly wanting to learn the next clue and solve the next puzzle. Mystery and puzzle games can have features of horror, action, and many other game genres within them, and if you personally are a fan of mysteries, you really can’t go wrong with playing mystery and puzzle games as you vlog.

Game Genres 6
Courtesy of Murder & Mayhem

When it really comes down to it, the best games for you to vlog are the games you love best because your enthusiasm will show in your vlogs and keep viewers wanting more. Any of the genres on this list will be excellent choices, but if you don’t enjoy the game, the vlog won’t last long. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you already love to play.

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