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The Lunar New Year Sale Has Begun On Steam With Countless Discounts

Photo courtesy of Steam

Stay strong and behold your wallets, gamers. Steam is offering thousands of discounts to celebrate the year of the Ox. The Steam Lunar New Year sale officially began and will last until February 15 for you to grab all the games in your wishlists.

Even though the Lunar New Year Sale is not as big as Steam’s Winter or Summer sales, it provides countless low prices. While there is still a tiny amount of time left to benefit from the discounts, let me help you on which games you can grab. On the other hand, if you’re here just for looking, there are free animated Ox stickers, which you can obtain each day of the sale on the market.

Outer Wilds

Lunar New Year1 1
Photo courtesy of Mobius Digital

With the 85 Metacritic points and around fifteen thousand overwhelmingly positive critics in Steam, Outer Wilds is the first suggestion of Steam Lunar New Year Sale. Developed by Mobius Digital, the game won the best game award in 2020 BASTA Games Awards. You can buy this tremendous adventure game with a $14.99 price tag.

Little Nightmares

Lunar New Year2 1
Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco

It’s been only two days since the second game of the series’ release, Little Nightmares is heavily discounted on Steam currently. Looking cute from the outside, the game will give you hard times during Six’s escape. It shouldn’t be missed out for $3.99.

The Long Dark

Lunar New Year3 1
Photo courtesy of Hinterland Studio

It’s freezing outside, and you are on your own in a world where no one is nearby. Will you be able to find some food, fuel to warm up and survive? Hinterland Studio’s The Long Dark provides the survival experience at its finest for $9.89.

Graveyard Keeper

Lunar New Year4 1
Photo courtesy of Lazy Bear Games

Graveyard Keeper consists of a lot of grinding and crafting with its Stardew Valley-ish graphics. However, you will get that the game is totally different when you steal organs from death bodies to sell to the local butcher. I mean, you have to expand your graveyard, and they don’t need their organs since they’re dead. Right? Who wouldn’t want to run a graveyard for $9.99?

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale will last until February 15th, 6pm GMT/10am PT/1pm ET. So, it’s better to hurry.

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