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The Last Finalists of First Strike North America Have Been Revealed

After three open qualifiers and two closed qualifiers, finally we have the names of the participant teams to First Strike North America Finals. The eight finalists, who emerged from an initial three hundred eighty four teams, will compete with each other starting on December 3th.

First Strike
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The latest closed qualifier, UMG Tournament, has come to an end and revealed the last four teams. Eight teams will take their places in the main tournament and fight for glory alongside the $100,000 prize pool between December 3rd – 6th. The following teams are participants of First Strike North America:

  • Immortals
  • Team Envy
  • 100 Thieves
  • T1
  • Sentinels
  • Renegades
  • FaZe Clan
  • TSM

The UMG Tournament started with four groups which consisted of four teams each. Every game in the tournament was played as a best-of-three, excluding the final. The top two teams in every group advanced to the playoffs: Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9 Blue, TSM, FaZe Clan, Gen.G Esports, Moon Raccoons, T1, and Immortals.

Many VALORANT followers were upset with the quarter-finals since Cloud9, who were seen among the best teams in NA, said goodbye to the event after being eliminated by T1 and  missed the chance to appear in the initial First Strike tournament.

After four playoffs series, TSM, Immortals, FaZe Clan and T1 managed to qualify to the main event. However, UMG Tournament continued to determine the seeds for Regional Finals. In the qualifier final, TSM faced FaZe Clan and grabbed the first seed by beating their opponents 3-1.

Also, First Strike North America’s quarter finals matches have become clear:

  • Team Envy vs Immortals
  • Renegades vs TSM
  • 100 Thieves vs T1
  • Sentinels vs FaZe Clan

The tournament will be held with a single elimination bracket, and the matches will be played as best-of-three alongside the best-of-five final. When the time comes, you can watch the games here.

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