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The key to surviving the rest of quarantine, Conmeego: a free virtual zoom arcade

One of the things I miss most about pre-covid times is going to the arcade. This may seem silly to some people, but for some reason, the arcade has always been a calm and safe place for me to hang out with friends and just have a great time. With everything closed for COVID-19, I had an arcade-sized hole in my heart, which is why when I heard about an opportunity to interview one of the four founders of an up-and coming-virtual zoom arcade, I knew I had to jump on it.

The key to surviving the rest of quarantine, Conmeego a free virtual zoom arcade
The key to surviving the rest of quarantine, Conmeego: a free virtual zoom arcade 5

The idea for Conmeego came from a common problem many gamers have faced at some point in their life: it’s really hard to play fun online games with your friends. Whether everyone has different consoles, different games, or even audio/technical issues, the list of potential problems goes on and on. The developers of this website were trying to play games online for a virtual happy hour but ran into these same problems; however, they decided to do something about it. Conmeego was created to solve this issue as an easy way for gamers to play online games with their friends over Zoom. The added aspect of being able to see and communicate with your friends over Zoom just adds to the personal feel of the service. Best of all, it’s totally free! 

Here’s how it works: one player picks what game they want to play and sends a link to up to five of their friends via any sort of message platform. This link will take invited players into a virtual Zoom game room where they can all see each other through their computer cameras. From there, it’s game on! Players can pick from 50 unique games, so the fun never runs out, and so far, Conmeego has been a huge hit. The beta was released in mid-October and there are already over 30,000 monthly users.

Conmeego1 1
The key to surviving the rest of quarantine, Conmeego: a free virtual zoom arcade 6

Not content with just having a virtual Zoom arcade, the developers told me about some upcoming features which will be implemented soon to further develop the gaming experience. “We are building out all the features we want added, there will be cosmetics that will add a series of additional social interactive features,” they explained. Just one of the upcoming social features includes a bounty system, where you can place a bounty on another player which everyone else in the party will be able to see. Whoever kills the player with the bounty gets extra points. There are also going to be interactive social visuals you can send to your friends such as “The world’s tiniest violin,” which could be sent to a friend who’s complaining just a little too much. There will also be cosmetics coming which will allow you to customize your personal avatar the way you want to. Finally, there will be customized branded streamer emojis so players can represent their favorite streamers to all their friends.

There were a couple games the developers of Conmeego really want to hype up to new users. They offered, “We definitely want to give the games Shellshockers, Venge, Bullet Force, and Ducklings a shout out.”  So if you are new to Conmeego, you can’t go wrong checking out any of those games first. I played around on the website for longer than I would like to admit and I have to say, I had so much fun playing Fall Beans. It’s similar to Fall Guys, but with a little added touch.

The key to surviving the rest of quarantine, Conmeego: a free virtual zoom arcade 7

Conmeego also has really fun tournament events where players can test out their skills on specific games and win prizes along the way. There are events every weekend, and at the end of each month, there is a streamer invitational where a bunch of streamers are invited to compete in a tournament-style bloodbath in front of their audiences. The games played in the tournaments switch up constantly, so there will always be some interesting viewing material.

The end goal for Conmeego is to “create an ecosystem that has enough games and excitement to keep people entertained.” The developers of Conmeego really emphasized that it is expensive to buy a gaming console and some people simply cannot afford one or just don’t want one. Conmeego provides a way for those people to still have a fun, easy gaming experience. Basically, Conmeego was created to show people that you don’t need to have a gaming console in order to game: the two are not mutually exclusive.

Conmeego3 1
The key to surviving the rest of quarantine, Conmeego: a free virtual zoom arcade 8

I honestly feel that I can not fully explain in this article just how cool Conmeego is. The only way to fully understand how unique and groundbreaking this website is is to go check it out for yourself. Since going on it for the first time, I’ve gotten all my friends on it, and we have been having just so much fun messing around with all the different games. I highly recommend you do the same. There is so much in store for Conmeego, and I want to be around for it all. 

Thank you so much to the developers of the site for sitting down with me and answering my questions. Check out the website here, the Twitter here, and the Instagram here.

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